Stylish With A Stylo: Christian Lacroix’s Papier

There are many a french designer who’s name just rolls off your tongue and makes you think of dripping diamonds, sumptuous materials, and impressively chic women. Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Hermes, Louboutin…and of course, Lacroix, as in, Christian Lacroix. Although the designer might not have the same financial clout as some of those other names (he’s basically bankrupt), he certainly makes up for it with stunning style.

A visit to Indigo this past week drew me to the giftware section once again, this time to be suckered in by Lacroix’s Papier line of well, paper products. This decadent line includes fairy tale style journals and note cards that look like they’ve been hand painted. There is a whimsical, artsy feeling to every piece that elevates it from book store gift idea to something special and stylish that every woman (and discerning male) would feel a not-so-secret tingle of joy at wrapping their paws around.

The good news is, fashion accessory Canadian etailer Drysdale & Co. stocks Christian Lacroix’s line, if you can’t track it down at Chapters / Indigo (although I recommend an in-person gander at these luxe looking goodies). The even better news is they’re actually quite affordable. The set of four notebooks shown earlier and the notecard set above both retail for around $20, a pretty solid bet for a friendly Secret Santa or as part of a gift for your best girlfriend or sister. The line extends from what Drysdale stocks (from what I remember) but they also offer a very pretty velvet-embossed journal and a very pretty hand-painted style softcover notebook.

Hopefully the fashion community doesn’t view this as bailing out – I myself simply see it as a nice way for the masses to access high fashion, an increasingly common trend these days (hello Lanvin for H&M this fall), and possibly a good way for Lacroix to earn some capital to get his fashion business back up and running. It sure beats my Dolce & Gabbana glasses in terms of the designer style factor!

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