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I don’t know if it’s the people I roll with or the nature of the gals in my generation, but nearly every girl I know owns or wants one of the style bibles published by some of today’s fashion icons. Whether authorized or not, from a reality TV sensation or a bonafide fashion force, there’s plenty to gift your most stylish gal pal with this holiday season.

For the Project Runway fan:
Nina Garcia ‘The One Hundred’ – $13
Tim Gunn ‘Gunn’s Golden Rules’ – $17
Christian Siriano ‘Fierce Style’ – $18
Laura Bennett ‘Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?’ – $19

Nina and Tim, for the record, have a few books to their name. Nina’s are definitely the most style-oriented, with the aim of helping you pick tried, tested, and true must-haves for your own wardrobe. Tim’s latest offering is eighteen principles to guide your life and make it work – and considering the always insightful nuggets he dispenses on the show, there’s sure to be a few that will help your friend out. Winner Christian’s book is a little older, but is a fun little coffee table book for the fiercest hot mess in your life, while competitor Laura’s book gives a glimpse of her hectic life – SIX KIDS – and how she manages to keep it all together in stilettos.

For The Wannabe Stylist:

Rachel Zoe ‘Style From A to Zoe’  – $13
Victoria Beckham ‘That Extra Half An Inch’ – $13
Lauren Conrad ‘Style’ – $16
Rachel is the only true stylist in this bunch and as such her book is probably the safest bet for the must-have addition to your fellow fashionista’s bookshelf. Beckham’s book is a breezy blast of fashion advice, filled tons of luxe pictures of the modern day fashion icon and designer. Lauren Conrad gets into the details of what makes her effortless Americana chic so appealing.

For The America’s Next Top Model Addict:

Derek Blasberg – ‘Classy’ – $15
Nigel Barker – ‘Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation’ – $17

As much as a guilty pleasure as ANTM is, I’ll give them a thimble of credit for amping up the ongoing theme of ‘high fashion’ this season. While your pal is waiting for the next addictive ‘cycle’ to roll out in 2011, consider picking up Blasberg’s guide to being class over trash, a much-needed tome in today’s panty-free world. Blasberg appeared on ANTM as a guest recently, but if you’re looking for a more familiar face, look no further than long-term judge and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker as he breaks down what makes someone beautiful – inside and out.

For the Magazine Maven
The Teen Vogue Handbook – $20
Front Row: Anna Wintour – $15
Teen Vogue is pretty much the last of the crop of teen magazines that sprouted when the baby boomers’ kids were all going through puberty. The reason? It has amazing fashion styling, exclusive insider looks at that upper crusty scene, and the purse-sized format doesn’t hurt either. Their handbook follows a similar design format, but instead of simply advising on style, it goes in-depth on what it takes to make it in the fashion industry, no matter what your poison is. Anna Wintour, notorious editor of Vogue and muse for ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, is the focus of the second book, in a dishy, tell-all unauthorized biography that also pays tribute to this fashion icon.

For The Shopaholic:

Sophie Kinsella ‘Mini Shopaholic’ – $15
Phillip Bloch ‘The Shopping Diet’ – $12
Lloyd Boston ‘The Style Checklist’ – $15
In the only fictional entry, Kinsella’s latest chapter of the Becky Bloomwood saga continues as she grapples with a demanding toddler, overworked husband, and the now famous credit crunch of the last few years. In a real life application, stylist Phillip Bloch has released a creative approach to fashion that teaches you to make the best of what you have now. Finally Oprah’s pal Lloyd Boston gets back to basics with the absolute essentials every woman should have, and how far they can take you.

3 Responses to “Runway Reads”
  1. your sister says:

    What about Clinton Kelly’s “Freakin’ Fabulous?” Or Mary-Kate and Ashley’s book “Influence?”

    I could go on…:D

    Good round-up though!

    • B says:

      I was going to include both of those but ‘Influence’ isn’t the easiest book to find these days according to my online searches, and I wasn’t sure where to slip Kelly’s into. Both good additions though 🙂

  2. Gohar says:

    What about Kibbi Metamorphosis

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