Polish It Off

I know I’ve written about nail polish way back when, but the other day my cousin was asking me for gift ideas that I hadn’t told anyone else, and I mentioned American Apparel’s recently launched nail polish collection. While we were chatting we both surfed onto the AA website and upon looking at the polishes more in-depth, I am that much more in love.

Although the polishes are a little pricier than your typical bottle, at $7.50 a pop, the unique shades and high quality finish will definitely make it worth it.¬†Today’s drug store brands have definitely gotten more adventurous over the years, but it’s still primarily dominated by boring bordeaux and berry shades.¬† Save for Rimmel. Love Rimmel.

Anyway, beyond the individual bottles, you can also pick up pre-sorted three-packs for $18 or pre-sorted seven-packs for $44.50, which you can use to either divide & conquer the gift list for your friends, stuff in your kid’s stockings, or sneak a few for yourself. Or gift one lucky lady with a full set to change up her nails every day of the week…if she has that sort of time.

For the most part AA nail polishes are just a fun little finisher for your gifts this season. Many of the major nail brands out there will be releasing their own holiday gift sets – OPI and Essie among them – so keep a sharp eye out for your nuttiest nail friend. Also keep in mind that nail polish may not make sense as a gift if someone goes for frequent professional manicures, has gel nails, or works in a profession where nail polish (especially unique shades like AA’s) isn’t tolerated, such as nursing.

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