Pop Goes The…

February may be the time for sweethearts and style, but it also can stand for stress. We’re in the peak of SADD (that’s winter-induced seasonal depression) times, and with many companies dealing with year-end, taxes, and getting 2011 projects off the ground, sometimes you just need to let go a little rage.

The good news is, you can do so in a fun and friendly way with any of the fun gadgets from Office Playground, a site that is basically entirely devoted to hilarious desk toppers, including the bargain-priced Poppin Peepers at just $3 a pop. There are hilarious videos on the Office Playground website that let you see these puppies in action, but basically you squeeze your stress away while the animal of your choice – ranging from jungle faves like lions and elephants to barnyard pals like pigs and cows – takes the hit and lets their eyes do the rage-induced popping for you.

If you’re looking for something a little more zen, consider the deluxe zen garden for $28. Transport your overworked mind to a Japanese temple through the included book of meditations, or just get your creative juices flowing while raking patterns in the sand.

There are tons and tons of funny gifts available on the Office Playground website, but some come in a sleeker package like the Executive Decision Maker – a play on the classic momentum ball chain mixed with the powers of a Magic 8 Ball.

Although based in the USA, Office Playground does ship to Canada, with rates automatically calculated at checkout. It’s not exactly cheap, but in my experimenting you can actually buy a fair bit and the shipping rate won’t go up – it’s based on weight and package size. So, consider snapping up a dozen Poppin Peepers to help your coworkers get through the crazy hard winter months, or pick out a few choice gifts for your top suppliers, clients, or employees. No matter what, you’re sure to find something to chase the blues away.

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