In Batman We Trust

Calling all Batfans: today’s pint-sized present is the perfect way to keep the Caped Crusader close at hand.

Geek Speak

CONTEST ALERT! Let your nerd flag fly with a fun purchase from Canadian retailer Fortress Geek. Plus you could win a $25 gift code to shop to your heart’s content!

Flash Post: Sand & Deliver

Bummed out because you’re not a beach bum this summer? Today’s gift idea is an ingenious alternative to roasting in the sun while still getting that incredible ‘sand between your toes’ kind of feeling.

Flash Post: Taping Care of Business

Don’t let gift-giving become a sticky situation: buy this way-cute retro-themed cassette tape dispenser to brighten up anyone’s workspace.

Flash Post: Here Comes Potato Cottontail

Hoppy Easter weekend Canada! Today’s gift idea is an incredibly affordable pick to top up your Easter basket, in the form of a bunny-themed Mr. Potato Head.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

It’s ba-ck. With Rubiks Cube 30th anniversary just past, you can commemorate the occasion with a fancy wooden collectors edition of the classic 80s brain buster. I hear the 40th anniversary edition is going to be made of titanium…

Wizard Watch

Make your friend’s task magical with a Harry Potter bobblehead, available for $30 a pop or $80 for the full set!


Silly name, cool concept. Buckyballs are the latest desk gadget / time wasting craze that allow you to play with 216 magnetized balls to your hearts content.

Pop Goes The…

Here’s one less thing to stress about – the perfect stress-relieving gag gifts for your coworkers. Office Playground features tons of innovative, hilarious, affordable desk toys to share with your fave employees, clients, suppliers, and friends.