Leather Goods

I really do try hard to feature Canadian companies and eTailers on this blog, or at the very least, international brands with a Canada-specific website. Today however, I have to digress and showcase one of the most delectably luscious companies I’ve encountered in recent memory, one that I’ve mentally lusted after since my first interaction with their leather goods.

I’m talking about Mywalit, an Italian-based (naturally) leather goods company that prides itself on giving you best, buttery-soft products on the market – with a fair trade artisan twist. Mywalit has worked with the same suppliers for over twenty years, sourcing the best businesses and experts in the world to help produce a fantastic end product. One particular feature of note is the fact their leather comes from Japanese cows, who are allowed to free roam without the treat of barbed wire to ruin their hides. A little grim, but a nice product benefit nonetheless.

As for the product line, Mywalit, naturally, primarily makes wallets in a pretty extensive range of functions and colours for both men and women. They also produce gorgeous handbags, cute coin purses, and practical extras like pencil cases and passport holders.

The prices for this level of quality, innovation, and design don’t come cheap – the website is priced out in Euros, but the cheapest accessories start at 10 Euros ($13 CDN). Wallets are typically between 20-60 Euros ($26-$80), while purses are 110 Euros ($146) and up. That being said, a good leather item can last a heck of a long time, and as long as you buy a style you know your giftee will love, they’re guaranteed to have it kicking around their pocket / purse for eons.

Something lovely and leather is ideal for a girlfriend or boyfriend, a grown-up kid, siblings on special occasions, or even your parents. The prices might be a little steep for the average friendly gift, but there are some great sales and affordable accessories available on the site. Now, I personally encountered these goodies at a gift shop, and the site does have a (not-entirely-up-to-date-or-user-friendly) search tool that you can use to track down your nearest registered Canadian or American boutique, or you can order online. They automatically tack on shipping at about 10 Euros ($13 Canadian), although as always with international orders you may have to pay those pesky duty / customs fees. But c’mon, it’s TOTALLY worth it.

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