Gourmet Goddess

Yep, we’re still talking about fitness – New Years wasn’t that long ago, so hopefully at least some people out there are staying on their various resolution wagons. If you’ve got a friend in need of a little motivation, put some pep in their step with Girlnola, gluten-free granola-based goodies ranging from desk-hoarding trail mix to party-perfect truffles.

Created by an enterprising Ontario gal, these treats are affordably priced between $5-$7.50 (or more for a gift set or bulk granola orders), and they’ve got those words that make most people ooh and ahh in delicious delight. Organic. Vegan. Naturally Sweetened. Gluten-free. And if you’re looking for proof in the non-existent pudding, the health information for each product is readily available right on the Girlnola website.

While you’re on the site, check out the Superfoods section for an honest-to-god breakdown of what makes each ingredient in Girlnola a body-boosting buddy. For example, did you know that just one teaspoon of natural sweetener cinnamon has the same antioxidant power as half a cup of blueberries? Impressive!

Whether you’re just dabbling in deliciousness or ready to go whole hog with a girly gift basket ($24-$60), Girlnola is available directly though the website, or at a variety of health expos and retailers – primarily in Ontario – or through a select number of online retailers.

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