Housewarming Hunt

New concept I’m trying out. Putting together a gift set for a specific occasion, using the talents of a lovely store. Today’s task? Housewarming goodies for around $50 from This fun online store based in Canada has a ton of cute, french-inspired goodies at a good range of price points.

First, my thoughts behind today’s gift set? When I moved into my latest house, my Realtor gave us a great little gift set contained in a salad bowl, including a knife, salad tongs, kitchen cloths, and a cutting board. Nothing super flashy, and admittedly, nothing I didn’t already own, but it was nice to have things that are a little nicer than I bought when I first moved in, or items to upgrade my kitchen with. So whether you’re shopping for a first-timer that’s scrimping on the extras or welcoming a friend to their latest purchase, here’s my gift guide!

Upright Napkin Holder – $6

There’s a lot of little things you legit don’t think about when you move in. One of them is napkin holders, and at $6 and a chic stainless steel design, this is a bargain that will go with just about any contemporary couple’s kitchen style. Top it off with a vibrant pack of napkins from the likes of IKEA or Superstore for an extra $3-$4.

COOL Ice Tray – $3

Young couples are all about cocktail nights, so shake things up with these ultra cool ice cube trays at just $3 a pop, available in black and white. Let the ice do the talking by getting people talking.

Bulldog Change Bank – $10
Help your new homeowner save for those rainy day projects with a stylish change bank. There’s actually several varieties on the Potiron website – including a metallic pink duck or classic shiny silver piggy – but for the dog lovers out there looking to a show a little stylish pride, the bulldog takes the cake.

Serenity Room Spray – $9
Nothing takes the lustre off a new lair than the toxic smells of spackle and paint. Potiron has four aromatic room sprays available to give a home in progress a fresh new scent, including Frangipani & Rose Petals (above), White Lily & Bamboo, Jasmine & Vanilla, and Lilac & Peony.

Dish Cloth Set – $10
Make scrubbing up a slightly less joyless task with a set of sweet, stylish, and simple dish cloths. This two-pack comes tied with a pretty white ribbon to up the gift-ready factor.

Mini Salad Bowl – $8
Whether serving up salad at a table for two, aiding a diet-conscious friend who prefers their dressing on the side, or angling to keep your takeout treats separate from one another, these mini salad bowls are a perfect topper to our gift set that won’t break the bank. Stuff your stash in them and wrap it up with some cellophane, and you’re done! Available in five colours to suit any dining decor.

Total gift set = $46 + tax + shipping. Not bad!

2 Responses to “Housewarming Hunt”
  1. Natalie Cola says:

    Thank you for the lovely write-up. We are opening up 2 boutiques in Montreal in the next couple of weeks. One on St. Denis and the other on Laurier West. Come by if you are in the neighbourhood and say hello.

    Best wishes,

    • B says:

      That’s amazing news! I truly love your site and can’t wait to see the in-store application and product line. Best of luck šŸ™‚

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