Island Paradise

So…remember yesterday when I was all about healthy options? Consider this post the devil on your shoulder as we talk about Denman Island Chocolate. The story is actually pretty sweet – a big city couple left the hustle and bustle for rural life. Their passion for eco-agriculture encouraged them to examine what products they could bring to the market, and settled on chocolate – a mutual love. Although the wife half of the original partnership has passed away, these eco-friendly, organic, delicious chocolates are still available across Canada, and online.

With ten different flavours packaged in a rainbow array of colours, the bars range in flavours from the ordinary – dark chocolate – to the uncommon – zesty orange – to the downright unique – rosemary, freeze-dried raspberries, and cracked coffee beans to name a few. One thing I appreciate about this retailer is that you can snap up their bars at many locations across the country (just check out their interactive map for a store near you), and if you’re diggin’ the deliciousness, you can go online and order a mix & match case of your choice, in multiples of 24.

The prices are pretty reasonable for ‘locally’-made, organic, artisan chocolate bars, at around $3 a pop. Consider purchasing a palmful from your local retailer for your next corporate luncheon, or order a few cases to give away as party favours at your wedding – after all, the bars are as much a testament to the founders’ love as it is to your tastebuds’ delight.

And if you’re really interested in going on an eco-culinary experience for yourselves, Denman Island Chocolate’s factory can be toured for a chance to get back to nature, and tuck into some chocolate goodness.

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