Best In Bistro

Coming full circle from last week, we’re talking housewares again…this time in the form of neon-hued appliances and accessories from international manufacturer Bodum. Founded in super chic Denmark, Bodum consists of IKEA-friendly gizmos and gadgets to make just about everything in the kitchen easier…or at least prettier.

My first encounter with Bodum was with their vibrant toasters at a local shop. Priced at $70 on (and available in limited quantities I might add), the toaster comes with every feature you could possibly want – removable crumb trays, adjustable toast slots, a warming rack, and a defrost feature, this is the perfect gift to spice up any new homeowner’s kitchen. The only tricky part is figuring out what colour to snap up – the Bistro Toaster comes in 8 colours from lime green (above) and chocolate brown to chrome plated and classic black.

Already planning ahead for BBQ season? Consider the innovative Bistro Sauce Pot, which warms the cockles of my culinary heart much in the way the IKEA cheese grater does. Mix your marinades and sauces in jar, dip the silicone brush in for your desired dollop levels, and if you happen to have some of your masterful mix leftover- simply seal it and save it in the fridge for your next gathering. At $20 on, you’ll be the most welcomed guest at whatever party you gift it to the hostess.

Finally, looking to finish off someone’s kitchen collection? Those sparkling rainbow toaster shades have companions in the classic Ibis Water Kettle – one of Bodum’s benchmark products known for crazy fast boiling speeds and a sleek oval design to tuck into any corner or cabinet. Priced at $60, it makes a great follow-up to the Bodum toaster!

Bodum has a pretty extensive product line – including a lot of great ideas for coffee and tea aficionados. Admittedly I didn’t look too closely to see if their American store allows Canadian shipping, as there isn’t a Canadian shop at present, but you can find limited colour selections of most items on the Bodum international site. They’ve also got a ton of retailers throughout Canada that carry their lines, so do some scoping!


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