Little Monsters

I’m not going to lie, a good friend of mine is preggers and therefore I’m a tad more interested in and inspired by kiddie gear than usual. That’s not to say that’s a bad topic for this blog – with the third generation of the baby boomers cresting into mommyhood, it seems like virtually every Jane, Joan, and Jillian is popping out a petit bebe.

Everyone wants to be the person who gives the baby their favourite stuffed toy – the one they never can quite let go of, even well after said bear, bunny, or bat is turfed from the crib, toddler bed, or nightstand. I can promise you this – purchasing an item from futuristic eTailer Monster Factory might give you a head start in the baby-loves-this lane.

Based in Toronto, this chic conglomerate of artisans have combined forces to produce some of the coolest, sweetest, softest-looking plushies around. Beyond the ultra interesting shapes and super soft fabrics, every collection of monsters – and indeed, every individual monster – has a special story and persona, designed to show a softer side of monsters…one that’s not too far off from you and I.

There are a multitude of cool things with this line – the least of which these aren’t just for kids. With Lady Gaga promoting monsters left, right, and centre, and popular kitschy art featuring Monster Factory-esque characters, you could easily snap one of these up as a whimsical sign of affection for your sweetheart over your standard teddy. They’re also priced right as well – between $12-$50depending on who strikes your fancy – and easily available across Canada through the Monster Factory website.

And if you get really hooked, keep your eye open for special editions of beloved creatures – like the ‘ghost’ version of the brand’s popular Clementine plushie. A final note – if you want to give one of these misunderstood miscreants a squeeze before you buy, there are quite a few Canadian retailers that carry them in person. Just check out the list available on the ‘Store’ page.


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