Find of the Month: Hey Bébé!

As mentioned earlier, I’m currently all kinds of excited for the babes in arms popping up amongst my friends and family. So with that in mind, I’m bestowing the honour of find of the month on the baby care industry, via one of Canada’s best bath & body retailers, Fruits & Passion.

The Bébé line isn’t exactly new, but I don’t think it’s particularly well-known, at least in comparison to the brand’s uber popular Cucina line. One might argue that babies don’t need the pampering we generally bestow on ourselves – but Bébé’s approach is that if anything, our newborns need extra special attention.

The products from Bébé are free of those nasty sulphates, phosphates, colorants, and chlorine – in other words, all those chemicals you constantly hear about on the news are blessedly missing from the collection. They’re also biodegradable and contain very little perfume, in case your newcomer is sensitive to fragrance.

Best of all? The Bébé line is incredibly affordable, making it a great choice for baby showers or simple ‘thinking of you’ gifts to drop off to a co-worker on mat leave or a friend going stir-crazy at home. The biggest gift set clocks in at just $35, with most products in the $10-$20 range, including the super adorable, brand new addition to the nursery line pictured above, the hooded towel for just $20.

Other new, baby-friendly picks? The fragrant Febreze-esque room spray priced at $10 and scented with lavender for easy dreaming, and the uber gentle laundry detergent at $8,  for getting those inevitable messes sparkly and new again, without irritating baby’s skin. You can find the Bébé line at 111 Fruits & Passion stores across Canada, or online – just type in ‘baby care’ in the search box to bring up this entire line of cutsey coordinating baby goods!

One Response to “Find of the Month: Hey Bébé!”
  1. donyadonya says:

    OH BEBE…. you are not kidding these products are super adorable and super affordable !!!!!

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