Wedding Wrap

Okay lovebirds, or at least, the bridely half of all you lovebirds out there…if you’re still racking your brains for bridesmaid dress ideas, consider twobirds, a Toronto-based retailer that specializes in one thing: dresses.

The trick? Of the three base styles available, the customization is pretty endless…and not just beyond picking your colours and length. The coolest thing about these dresses is the fact they can be rejigged in over a dozen ways to suit your girls’ shapes, insecurities, and most sensational features – all with a few twists of fabric, that are detailed on the twobirds website.

The site allows you to preview the 20 colours available, plus the 15 different necklines. With every neckline, they highlight the dress’ key features, including what it conceals or reveals, and whether it’s bra-friendly. Suddenly those fears of finding a dress that suits your super busty buddy as much as your 60’s-waif-like bridesmaid across the board are allayed. Each girl can find the look that works for them, and all you have to do is pick the colour.

I especially love that the dresses come in a mini-length, which means you really CAN wear them again without trekking down the aisle in something tasteless. You can buy and try the dresses for yourself from the company’s Toronto showroom, or order online and get them shipped to you in 8 weeks (still plenty of time before wedding season hits a fever pitch!) for less than $20 across Canada. For pricing, get in touch with the company directly.

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