Starlight, Sunbright

It’s BBQ season! At least where I live it has been, for the last month. As you start getting invited over for backyard BBQs or cottage picnics, consider picking up a few go-to hostess gifts and creating a stockpile for those impromptu invites. One idea? The ultra-cool Solar Jar by Tobias Wong.

This standard-looking mason jar is anything but. It actually houses a tiny solar panel, rechargeable battery, and LED bulb. After catching a few hours of sunlight, the light automatically switches on when it senses the darkness outside, making it perfect for the deck, or for a child’s bedroom. The jars are actually waterproof, meaning you can leave them out year-round, even if you have an uncovered patio, although naturally they work best in SUNNY conditions.

Naturally this is a really cool, eco chic gift, but I like that it has a practical purpose beyond being a nifty piece of design. The lights are soft and reminiscent of childhood memories and fireflies…but they’re actually tres 21st-century. You can score the lights in one of two colours – sunlight orange or moonlight blue, or consider a combination of the two.

I found the lamps on the very cool European-based home gift shop Curiosite for $31 each, plus shipping. They can also be found at Canadian store Green Gadgets for $45, and Canadian shop Urban Nature Store for $26 – although the model here looks a little different. Either way, they make for a great, creative gift that’s a step in the right direction towards sustainability.

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