Find of the Month: Botanical Paperworks

Tis the season for greetings! In the next two months alone we’ve got Mom’s Day, graduations of every variety you can imagine, Father’s Day, plus countless weddings…and wedding invites. If you want to do something different with your greetings to mark these happy occasions, considering stocking up on greetings from Canadian company Botanical Paperworks.

Based in Winnipeg, this eco-friendly company handmakes all of their paper products and embeds them with seeds – creating a perfectly circular life cycle. We cut down a tree, it turns into paper, that paper is recycled into the cards, which are then replanted into the earth to blossom into a pretty wildflower. Brilliant.

Equally brilliant is how easy it is to order whatever paper products you need. The wedding invites above, for example, allow you to customize the colours and text, and in a few easy steps, you’ve got your invites (and matching envelopes, natch) en route to your front door. They look just as good as anything you’d buy in an overpriced stationery shop, yet their ecological footprint is immensely smaller.

I love greeting cards and fancy wrapping paper as much as the next person, but I have to admit that sometimes I get a major guilt-on when I spend $4 on a sparkly, pretty card only to know that most people just recycle or toss ’em. I myself keep my greeting cards, either for memory’s sake, or more often than not, I upcycle them into handmade giftboxes. The good news with Botanical Paperworks is they’ve taken the handiwork out of things (and the guilt if you’re gifting them away) other than a basic bit of planting.

Since we give cards to commemorate occasions and important moments in our lives – both sad and happy – I especially like Botanical Paperworks, as a gift that truly keeps on giving. You can order their products online, or at one of dozens of retailers across the continent – use their ‘Find A Store’ feature to track down the one closest to you.

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