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I’ve been going through an Eco-conscious phase again. Not saying that I don’t try to make Eco-friendly decisions on a relatively frequent basis, but every year a few things seem to crystallize at the same time – in this case, watching ‘The Age of Stupid’ and reading the book ‘Localvore’ in the same week – that make me want to be a little extra green. If you’ve got a friend going through the same mindset, then let me introduce you to Full Circle.

The company is one of the most Eco-minded I’ve come across in sometime, taking all of those super-functional cleaning tools and basics in our home, and completely transforming them. These are products we almost never think of – sponges, scrub brushes, dish towels – yet we throw millions of them away on an annual basis. Given that most store-bought cleaning products come in terrible-for-the-environment plastic packaging, or are made of plastic, our obsession with sanitization may actually be one of the things that ends our species.

Sound a little dire? Well sure. But at the end of the day, we all need to be smarter consumers that ask more from corporations by making choices that speak to our desire to preserve the planet. Based on Full Circle’s mandate, I can honestly say these folks are the real deal, forcing their suppliers to follow their own high standards, and creating improved working conditions. Now for the gifts. If you’ve got a green bff, a new homeowner in your midst, or even a new mommy that’s got the future of the planet on her mind, check out the ‘Come Clean’ natural bottle set. For $25 you get three bottles made (mostly) from recycled plastic, and a set of recipes using basic grocery store ingredients to make your own homemade, sulphate-free house cleaners. Use the built-in lemon juicer for a zesty spray of freshness you can smell.

For about the same price you can also get the ‘Total Dish Cleaning Set’ which features all of the biodegradable / recycled / awesome essentials for scrubbing away those kitchen messes. It may not be glam kids, I realize that, but it’s green – and better made products with a better impact on the planet are better for all of us, n’est pas? As for where you can buy, check out the company’s website for a list of  ‘Where To Buy‘. I stumbled across the collection at one of my fave local chain of gift / home decor shops, so try your fave home store first.

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