Can I Have S’mores?

Packing up the car for a camping trip this weekend? Consider stuffing one more item in your cargo hold – President’s Choice has launched a slew of new summer-friendly products, including their all-in-one S’mores kit.

Consisting of all the fixin’s you’ll need to make about 24 smores – including some extra marshmallows should some of yours fall victim to the flames – this handy kit combines tasty graham crackers, melt-on-your-tongue chocolate, and fluffy marshmallows, perfect for campfire wind-downs no matter what your age. The kit costs about $8, which isn’t bad when you add up how much it costs to buy all 3 items separately. Plus you don’t have to buy a box of 60 graham wafers which inevitably go stale…anyway, I might be speaking from experience on that one! Consider grabbing a box or two for a kid’s birthday party / backyard camp-out, or if you’re heading out of town with the family or your friends, be a hero and bring a set.

Sticking around the city? Ramp up your ice cream with PC’s new S’mores topping, consisting of mini marshmallows, graham cracker pieces, and bits of chocolate for a taste that’ll transport you to the campfire.

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