I’m A Survivor

Is your dad (or best friend or boyfriend or whoever) an outdoorsy type? Does your heart skip a beat when they miss dinner by a few minutes after a trek in the hills? Then consider putting yourself and those around you a little more at ease with the BodyGuard Survivor 12-in-1 Self-Powered Survival Tool.

No matter where you are, all you have to do to power this life-saver is turn the hand crank for easy access to its many services. Use the low or high beam flashlights to find your way out of a sticky situation, or use the blinking red beam to attract attention from far and wide. Feeling threatened? Blare the 130-decibel panic signal, or set the tool up to serve as a motion detector that’ll tip off any intruders.

On a lighter note, this gizmo also features a backlit FM radio, fold-out compass, cell phone charger, and storage unit for matches or pills. Consider it the Swiss Army wunderkid of survival tools. Plus it’s pretty reasonably priced, at $30 from Brookstone, team it up with a gas gift card to get dad out on the roads and into the woods this summer. Toss it in a suitcase, briefcase, backpack, or the trunk of your car and rest assured, dad will always remember there’s no place like home.

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