Dish It Out

Welcome to the first of my ‘new directions’ posts for the Canadian Gift Guide. Yes, all of the gift ideas are still fantastic and Canadian-friendly. Yes, I’m still going to be posting a few times a week. And yes, the categories I’ll be posting on will still remain the same. The hitch is I’ll be posting breezier, condensed ideas on a specific theme. And today’s is…pet dishes. Whether you’re buying for a new pet parent, your pet-crazed parents, or heck, even for your own fur baby, you’ll totally go gaga for these fido & feline friendly dishes.

Echo Cat & Dog Bowls – $46 + shipping

My cat tends to love drinking out of anything ceramic as opposed to plastic, in which case he’d be an ideal user of the Echo Cat & Dog bone china dishes, by designer Reiko Keneko. Although they’re certainly pricy, they make an excellent, charming water dish that imitates the reflection your pet may or may not see when they dip their heads down for a drink.

Wowo Raised Feeder – Starts at $109

If you simply must match, then make sure you take your furry friend’s dishes into consideration. These wooden dishes are available in a variety of finishes, sizes, and set-ups to keep kibble/water mixing to a minimum, and to keep your home looking ultra pristine. Ideal for condo owners with small spaces.

Cutie Paw Dishes – $7+

Whether you’ve got a male or female feline, they always like being reminded of how gosh darn cute they are. In that case, score these uber cheap (and admittedly girly, even in the blue shade) dishes with sweet script writing and a message for kitteh whenever they go for a sip. Want something similar for your pup? Check out the ‘Prince’ & ‘Princess’ speckled dishes at the same price point.

Daschund Hanging Feeder in Parakeet – $180

Get ergonomic with this hanging feeder that allows you to place it on your wall at an optimum height for Fido to feed. Whether you’ve got a charming wiener dog or are just a puppy enthusiast this flashy piece will definitely stand out, and let your darling dog stand up when chowing down.

Hello Kitty Ceramic Pet Dish – $17

And a final nod to the cats – and their female owners – with this super precious Hello Kitty dish. Designed with kitschy, girly flare, this dish is a serious steal of a deal.

One Response to “Dish It Out”
  1. Haha, this post made me laugh. An ergonomic dog feeder? What will they think of next? 🙂

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