Posh Pets

Give your pets something to purr or bark over – a gorgeous set of dishes or a cozy pillow to curl up on – from Unleashed Life!

And Whiskers On Kittens

After a holiday break, ‘My Favourite Things’ picks up where we left off. Today I have five feline-friendly gift ideas to make any cat lover absolutely purr with delight.

Flash Post: Pretty Kitty

Today’s flash post is brought to you by: your favourite felines that are clamoring (I swear it) for a gorgeous designer set of dishes.

Puppy Love

Wanting to spread some love to your all-Canadian canine? Check out The Bay’s very precious and posh line of dog accessories.

Dish It Out

New & improved! Or is it? You decide with today’s new-format posting style, focusing on five furry-friend-friendly dish options, from designer to steal of a deal!