Cupcake Cutie

Cupcakes are the food trend du jour it seems. From gourmet cupcake bistros to cookbooks dedicated solely to these baby cakes to elaborate cupcake decorating sets, you can’t go wrong with getting your baking bestie something cupcake-themed. Something about them seems to suggest innocence – as in, well, if it’s mini, it can’t be THAT bad for me – but also pure sinful deliciousness. If you’re looking to surprise the cook in your cadre of friends and family with a cupcake-themed gift, read onwards.

Frosted Cupcake With Bow Apron – $34.95

Flirty Aprons are all about creating super sweet throwback aprons that’ll keep your stylish clothes equally stylish – and protected. This sweet design fits all sizes of chefs and is a great accessory for the dining diva that’s already laden with cupcake cookbooks and the like.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Wrappers – Starts at $1.00 each

Whether you’re the baker or the gifter, these birthday-themed wrappers are a great way to up the wow factor of your pint-sized puddings. You can even make them into a fun decorating activity for kids – have your little ones design wrappers, or spell out their guests names, before you roll them out for a birthday party.

Babycakes Cupcake Recipes – $17

There are hundreds of cupcake-oriented cookbooks on the shelves out there, including specialty ones like Vegan cooking goddess Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World or Elana Amsterdam’s Gluten-Free Cupcakes, to name but a mere few. I’m drawn to the New York bakery Babycakes offering however, because it’s *mostly* Vegan and *mostly* Gluten-Free, but there’s the odd dalliance into “normal” foods if you’ve got a friend that wants some options in their dessert dishes. Of course, if dietary restrictions are non-existent, go to town with the brilliant, beautiful baking books on the market.

Peter Rabbit Cupcake Kit – $13

Like the birthday liners above, this gift can go two ways. One, you could bedazzle (bedecorate?) your dozen or two of cupcakes and bring them to a party. Two, you could gift them to a bosom baking buddy to add to their stash of cupcake accoutrements. With 24 liners and matching flags, I heart the Peter Rabbit set here – perfect for kids, tea parties, book clubs, or plain ol’ nostalgia, they totally suit the quaintness of cupcakes. Other options? Pay an homage to a bride and groom for a wedding shower, create a themed set for a fun holiday like Valentine’s or Halloween, or go off the beaten path of Disney-laden birthday parties and create a wholly realized imaginary playland for the next kids’ birthday party you hit up – like princesses or space!

Teacupcake Molds – $17.95

If you’re a little more eco-minded about your cupcake decor choices, consider investing in a set of silicon cupcake molds. The options these days are pretty endless and adorable – including the precious ‘teacupcake’ set shown here. Simply wash & reuse after every sweet soiree you host – whether you go for pristine tea cups, vibrant robots, or October-appropriate skulls.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Realllllllly wanting that apron.

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