Play With Your Food

CONTEST ALERT! Today’s gift ideas are all about fun appliances and kitcheny items that let you have fun with your food – bringing new meaning to the idea of ‘party favours’. One lucky winner will win the ultimate fun food, in the form of a Velata fondue gift package!

Cupcake Cutie

Got a craving for cupcakes? Or simple a bestie that’s talented in baking? Check out these five cupcake-inspired picks for ideas on how to sweeten your sweetheart’s day.

Taco Tuesday

Here’s an inspired idea: next time you’re throwing a party in honour of a loved one, make it a theme party, with all the gifts going to the guest of the night. Want to make it extra fun and spicy? Check out this post for ideas on how to throw a Fiesta!

Seasons Greetings: Cocodot

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