Playing Dressup

I’ve talked about buying clothes before. It’s tricky bid-ness, unless you’re say, buying for your best friend, sister, or girlfriend, and have a pretty good grasp of what size they wear. The hard part comes from picking the right size – too small and you’ve rendered the gift useless, too big and you’ve maybe hurt their feelings a bit. So before you buy, gauge the size as best you can…or just buy a gift card to one of today’s featured online eTailers.

eShakti – $50+ (for dresses)
Love the concept of this one – the company has hundreds of designs of tops, jackets, dresses and more in a range of rainbow colours for a slew of different occasions. They’re all so crazy affordable, especially when you consider the amount of customization you can do – in fact the company asks for your height, cup size, and any other item-specific details to get you the best, custom fit possible. And if you want to make a little alteration to the sleeves, length, or neckline? Just tack on a few bucks to make it all yours. Bonus: shipping rates are the same for US and Canada, and right now all purchases over $100 are free to ship.

Ruche – $40+
This site reminds me SO much of ModCloth, before ModCloth got expensive. They do have pretty cheap Canuck shipping – starting at $5 – but go for the express to guarantee your delivery kittens. A lot of their clothing has a romantic, vintage touch to it – lots of lace, lots of nipped-in waists, lots of gorgeous prints. Perfectly pretty and cheaper than the likes of Anthropologie and ModCloth.

Shabby Apple – $55+
Definitely the priciest of my picks today, these are dresses for ladies. Beautiful fabrics and finishes with fun little details, the items on Shabby Apple are perfect for your work wardrobe. They are however, a little more expensive, and a little less frivolous as a result. Also shipping’s on the pricy side – consider going in with a group to split the costs, but be guaranteed a standout dress for your next occasion. Bonus – love their bridesmaids dress collection. Totally affordable, chic dresses you CAN wear again.

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