Find Of The Month: Handy In The Kitchen

I love me a good kitchen accessory. I’ve certainly talked about them enough on here – check out the ‘Compliments to the Chef’ category for tons of ideas for the kitchen kings & queens in your life. Today I’m just going to highlight one company that continually impresses me with their ingenuity. I’m not one for kitchen junk that’s going to pile up cause it doesn’t really work – Slap Chop anyone? The good news is, Chef’n tools aren’t only brilliant, they WORK.

Chef’n Garlic Zoom

This is a gadget I personally own and am obsessed with. I HATE chopping garlic more than life itself. And while you can get jars of preserved pre-minced garlic, I find they’re never quite as flavourful as using actual, fresh-chopped garlic. Enter the Garlic Zoom. All you do is peel your bulb, toss it in the capsule, and roll the thing back and forth. Twenty seconds later you have a perfectly minced pile o’ garlic. It’s BRILLIANT.

Chef’n Palm Peelers
The company is also well-known for their award-winning ‘Palm’ collection. Whether you’re looking to peel carrots, scrub potatoes, or zest a lemon, this line of hand-friendly gadgets feels completely natural and user-intuitive to use. Just slip the product over your fingers and run your hands back and forth over your foodstuffs and you’ve got perfectly prepared food in no time.

Chef’n Sleekstor 2C Measuring Cup
Now with all of these awesome gadgets, your kitchen CAN fill up pretty damn fast. I sympathize. So does Chef’n. That’s why they’ve got these awesome ‘Sleekstor’ pieces made of silicon that allow you to collapse for storage and expand for use. Genius. And those are just THREE of the many products they’ve got – and are constantly releasing.

I get my Chef’n products at a local chain of kitchen accessory stores. You can probably track them down at your local specialty grocery store, gift stores, or kitchen-oriented stores (think: Williams Sonoma types). The ones I’ve bought all clock in at around the $10 range, although some pieces are closer to $20-$30 based on what I’ve come across online and in-stores. Simply do a google search and find a retailer you feel comfortable buying from – there are dozens. These are great ideas for the bakers and kitchen goddesses in your life, especially as stocking stuffers!

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