Cuteness Defined

One of my best friends just had a baby last week, so I’ve got baby gifts on the mind…despite already loading her up with a handful (okay bagful) of goodies, I’m still always keeping an eye out for neat baby gift ideas. Cause you know. He’s not going anywhere- and neither are the oodles of women popping out little ones these days. So if you’re looking for gifts for the new mama in your life, here are some ideas.

Oscar & Belle Organic Layette Bundle – $79
If you’ve got an upscale gift in mind for your loved one’s loved one, look no further than Blue Blankie, a Canadian purveyor of luxury baby goods made of organic cotton (above), cashmere, and silk to name a few. Sound a little posh for tots? Sure, but it’s always nice to splurge everyone now and again – even moreso when you’re buying something that’ll keep baby’s skin super soft.

Sweet Kyla Hooty Mobile – $84.99
It’s every mama-to-be’s god-given right to pick out her baby’s nursery theme, if only to fulfill their nesting instincts. Lucky girls though, there are a TON of really cute options out there – more and more of which are catering to a gender-neutral look and feel, like this Hooty collection from baby brand Sweet Kyla. If you don’t have a baby store in town for the mom to pick out her set, point her in the direction of Snuggle Buggz where she can browse tons of different themes, create a registry, and let YOU get free shipping on any purchase over $25.

Trumpette Socks – $26
I know many a friend that has griped (at least a little) about not being that close to the mom, yet still getting invited to the baby shower. Whether it’s a co-worker that’s invited you to be polite, or that cousin you see once every three years, there’s no shame in going super cute at a good price point. Stock up on goods at Joe or H&M, or buy a deluxe, unique item like these precious Mary Jane-inspired socks from Vancouver-based Crocodile Baby.

Bummis Swimmi Reusable Diapers – $15
For the eco-conscious parents, check out By Nature for products like these totes adorable reusable swim diapers. By holding in messes on the inside and replicating soft cotton swim trunks on the outside, your friend will be ready to toss a few of these in her purse for the next beach trip with the family, and simply wash ’em to re-use for another day of fun in the sun.

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