Dial It Up

Today’s gift suggestion is a store suggestion – Opulent Items, an eTailer that specializes in luxury, or at the very least, unique items. Their shipping policy is a little vague because of the nature of their business – they basically represent a bunch of furniture, gift, and luxury retailers, many of who will ship you their stuff directly from them. But they do seem to ship internationally based on their warnings of duties and import taxes, so just tread carefully in the shipping department. Be forewarned, many of these items are BIG, so shipping costs will be HIGH. But it’s SO worth it when you see how cool some of this stuff is.

Floating Fish Tank – $5,000
Remember when I said luxury items? I wasn’t kidding. This is the sh*t a set decorator’s dreams are made of. Check out these wicked floating fish tanks – which totally wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond villain’s mansion. Obviously this is the *fantasy* part of this gift-giving post…

Heartfelt Mirror – $150
The thing I appreciate about this site is they really do have a huge range of price points. While I just showed you a $5,000 item, they also offer $25 wall fish tanks, perfect for a beta fish. The same is true of mirrors. This $150 virtual piece of art would make a sweet wedding gift, or a lovely housewarming gift. On the flip side this same site offers mirrors at $5,000 – and tons of price points in between. In other words, no matter what your budget or your relationship with the person, you can definitely find something worthwhile on Opulent Items.

Magnetic Globe – $75
I won’t say much more about the site than that. It’s really a fantasy site to shop on, but there are a number of items under $100 that would easily make great birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gifts. In the meantime…keep dreaming.

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