Cuts To The Core

Today’s post is a fun throwaway of a post. Admittedly. We did cupcakes awhile back, now I’m looking at COOKIES! Namely, some really cool cookie cutters I’ve spotted on my journeys through the interwebs. Enjoy kittens.

Ninjabread Men – $9
I tend to write a lot about Worldwide Fred products, and that’s cause they’re so darn cool. These ninjabread are no exception – whip up a spicy batch of street fighters for a kid’s birthday party, or if you’d like to voice your allegiance on the whole pirates vs. ninjas debate at your next potluck night.

Mini Unicorn – $1.75
Leave it to an eTailer called ‘The Cookie Cutter’ shop to have every shape under the sun, including these quirky unicorns, above. For the record, cookie cutters aren’t just for sh*ts and giggles – consider buying a set of mini ones for your baking bestie, to cut out neato fondant shapes to paste on cookies, cakes and more.

Cuisinart Cookie Press – $38
Get a little pro with your cookie-giving skills with this nifty electric cookie press. Whether you want to go for perfect circles or holiday-themed imprints, this is a great gift for the mom that’s always responsible for bake sales, birthdays, and after-school playgroups.

Pacman Cookie Cutters – $19.95
Having a nerdy night with friends? Bring these Pacman cookie cutters as a hostess gift – and if you don’t feel TOO chintzy, break open the package beforehand and whip a batch for your loved ones.

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