I’m going to attempt to do a few posts on gifts that shouldn’t be cool, but can be very cool. One of them being…coasters. Their squareness seems to speak to those that own them – “Oh, let me grab you a coaster” as you set down your gin fizz – but there’s a way you can both prevent wood stains and compliment your friend’s personal taste. Think of coasters as table ornaments when you’re shopping and you’ll do fine. And maybe throw in a set of funky glasses, and the ingredients to make your collective favourite drinks, to spice up the gift a bit – perfect for bdays, bachelorettes, housewarmings, and showers.

Apothecary X-Ray Coasters – $24
A neat idea for a Halloween party hostess gift, or even a joke-y / funky ‘You graduated medical school!’ gift, these funky glass coasters add an eerie vibe to any dining occasion. Speaking as someone that has an (ah-mazing) coffee table that lights up, these would be extra cool.

Agate Coasters – $64
Bestill my heart. Anyone that knows me knows I have a serious penchant for agate ANYTHING. And these colourful, stunning, one-of-a-kind coasters fit the bill for items I’d like to have in my dream home. Definitely pricier, but oh-so-pretty.

Thomas Paul Sea Life Coasters – $16
If you’ve got a weekend at a friend’s cottage to look forward to, consider a set of pretty beach-themed coasters as a houseguest gift. They’re one of those little details people rarely think about when furnishing their second homes, yet where else are you tipping back brewskis as often as at the lake?

Welcome To The Club Sandwich Coasters – $9.99
Definitely for the quirky mate in your midst, this set of paper coasters harkens back to your barfly days, but in a stylish, fun way. You in theory get more bang for your buck with this collection (given it’s price + quantity) but keep in mind something like agate coasters are meant to last for centuries, while paper coasters have a much shorter shelf life. Also be sure to top up your ModCloth order when you buy ’em – no sense paying all that shipping if you aren’t buying some cute clothes to go with.

Rock Elm Coasters – $24
If you want to go all eco chic with your coaster choice, check out these reclaimed slices of pretty from fallen Rock Elm trees. Varnished to ensure long-term life and completely unique from one another, these are a stunning but simple way to bring the outdoors in. Like.

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