Zodiac Attack

You want to know why card companies are always going to stay in business? Well. I won’t say always. But the short answer for the gift industry as a WHOLE is that there is *always* someone having a birthday. Yes there are seasons to things like anniversaries and weddings, but the arrival of your wonderful self (and the wonderful others that surround you) span every day of the year.

So today, we’re looking at birthday gift ideas that celebrate your zodiac sign. Traditionally zodiac signs have gotten a bit of a bad rap – no longer considered cool after say, 1978. But the ideas today are designed to show you how you can make a star sign statement without screaming SCORPIO at the top of your lungs.

Birth Month Flower Necklaces – $48
Everyone knows their birthstone – which are typically aligned more with ‘month’ than star sign, but did you also know you’ve got a birth flower? These handcrafted necklaces have real pressed flowers inside of them representing your birth month (mine’s a chrysanthemum), making each and every resin-encased pendant a little different. Pretty and personalized, nice1

Zodiac Prints – $19 each
Talented graphic artist Susan Parada is the mastermind behind these uber cute for all ages prints. Get the full collection of star signs on a single print, or celebrate your best friend’s new baby with their specific star sign (with customized colours available!)

Astrological Jewelery Stand – $18
Celebrate all signs equally with this pristine yet mystical jewelry stand. Your friends can hang their fave gypsy gems off the fingers and stack their cocktail rings, all the while picking up a thing or two about palmistry.

Gorjana Astrology Necklaces – $95
14k-plated and totally subtle ways to show your star sign pride, these stunning necklaces are available from ShopBop. Looking for something more affordable? The brand offers plenty of options for customized pendants, charms, and bracelets starting as low as $40.

Astrological Cuff – $50+
Call me inspired. These brass cuffs are imprinted with the constellation of your lucky giftee’s star sign, based on a Swiss calendar from the 1900s. Celebrate the specialness of one person, or intermingle the star sign of you and your loved one for a custom, subtle way to represent your zodiac sign.

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