Lucky Letterman

Eee back to school is firmly in the air, and for those of our numbers that have graduated, it means kicky plaid skirts, lace-up leather boots, and elbow patches on our blazers. Oh nostalgia. If you want to go a little more literal with your back-to-school gift-giving (especially if you’re buying for a college-bound bestie) then check out Roots’ line of customized awards jackets.

These award jackets harken back to Roots’ glory days as the official outfitter of the Olympics back around the turn of the millennium. With fits for both men and women, now you can select your own style from top to proverbial toe, including size, fit, body colour, jacket sleeve colour, various crests, numbers, flags, and names for a totally customized coat.

Obviously the most practical / logical application of these coats are for students who want something that shows off their school spirit – yay colours and letters! – but isn’t something you can pick up in the bookstore. But you can also customize one that simply suits your personality (Unless you know of a school that has pink as their primary colour), or even one that commemorates graduation, or your Canadian pride.

Of course, pride comes with a price tag – the jackets retail for $358+, depending on what additional personal touches you make to the coat. But it’s yours baby. It’s all yours.

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