Bean Laden

Is my post title too soon? I apologize. I’m still stuffed from Thanksgiving weekend – my meal was primarily vegan, although admittedly I am SUPER practical and have a bit of meat left in my freezer that I can’t justify throwing out. So I made an Organic Cornish game hen, amongst potatoes, veggies, gravy, biscuits, and apple crisp which were all vegetarian / vegan.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up after the holiday season, look no further. Today I’m featuring a Canadian brand that specializes in coffee: Black Sunshine. The company imports their beans from Haiti on-demand. This means that when you order a bag of their product, in theory, it’s roasted on the spot, packaged up, and sent directly to your doorstep. Now if you’ve had the pleasure of buying gourmet coffee before, you’ll know that the fresher the beans, the bigger the bam when you take a sip. So I can only imagine…

The great news? The prices aren’t out of this world expensive. A 1/2 lb bag will only set you back $11.99 – including shipping. If you settle on a flavour you like (the brand carries three – light, medium, and dark) then go for a 1kg bag for $34.99. Bonus points: the brand tips a clever hat to its ‘drug lord’ origins. From the packaging to the actual beans labelled as ‘medium cut’ / ‘light cut’ / ‘dark cut’, it’s a silly spin on ‘the goods’ they sell.

Of course – don’t gift this stuff to your granny if you think she’ll be offended. At this price, consider snapping up a bag for your co-worker, boss, parents, in-laws, or that coffee aficionado (y’know, the snobby one that turns their nose up at Starbucks) that’s always on the hunt for the freshest, boldest brew.

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