Homeward Bound

I’m an unabashed fan of Indigo / Chapters, especially for gift-giving…the irony that they are first and foremost a book seller is not lost on me, but seriously, I love that they’ve made some really amazing products quite accessible across the country through their online and nationwide chain of stores. Right now they’re hyped up, promoting their new ‘Home’ collection. Technically you could argue some of their past giftware was for the home, but this new stuff is definitely, undoubtedly, for the home. Candles, lighting, pillows, and sculptures all feature heavily – among many other choices – and the prices are completely reasonable to spend on a friend or family member’s housewarming gift, hostess gift, or houseguest gift. Today I’m picking five great finds from the Indigo home store, but I encourage you to take a browse for yourself. Oh, and keep an eye out – they keep on putting this stuff on sale to launch it (until Sunday, October 16th everything is 15% off), so think about stocking up on Xmas gifts!

Cozy Cable Throw in Moss Green – $69
Blankets are pretty much as safe as you can get when buying housewares. Even if you have only the vaguest ideas of someone’s personal tastes, they *will* find a use for your blanket, especially in our chilly Canadian climate. If you go for something super luxe – like this beautiful cable knit throw – then expect to find it in a spot of honour.

4 x 6 Horizontal Frame – $29.75
What a gorgeous way to frame your standard size photos! Suddenly that special memory is upgraded to a work of art, complete with a pretty but not overly girly frosted damask print in the corner. The thing I seriously love about this frame is the fact it’s a mix of modern – with the glass – and antique – with the bevelled edges. Throw a favourite photo in there to make it extra personalized when you gift it.

3 Wick Decorative Candle in Santiago Huckleberry – $22.50
One of the biggest sections of the new Indigo home store is their options for home fragrances. Whether you’re looking at  Parisian-inspired diffuser or a graphic print candle tin, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is pick which one to buy. I’m drawn to these three-wick decorative candles by Voluspa, enriched with bold scents like blood orange, vanilla bloom, and champagne. They’re a little fancier than a standard pillar, provide 45 hours of burn time, and look great whether lit up or shut up.

Hand Drawn Teardrop Glass Lamp – $60
Proof that the brand is committed to their product? They’ve actually produced some of their own designs for this exciting initiative, like this pretty lamp. It’s a smaller piece that makes a bold statement – meaning you’re not taking a huge gamble on matching someone’s decor. Imagine it tucked away on an entry table, antique desk, or end table in the guest room.

Parisian Interiors Book – $38
Of course, the bookseller would be remiss to promote books in their home section. And before you cluck your tongue at it, consider that they’ve just made it extremely easy for you to take your pick of the litter of gorgeous coffee table books they carry. Instead of searching through their vast library, you can now simply browse for the book that best fits your giftee’s tastes, and give them something they can look at and admire long after the glow of their housewarming has ended.


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