Bits & Bobs

In all of the insanity of the last few weeks of posting – and the next few to come – I’m taking a quick breather to update everyone on some fun stuff here on the Canadian Gift Guide.

1) First – thanks to everyone for all of your participation in the contests the last few weeks! Hopefully you’ve seen some fun gift ideas, even if you didn’t win them yourselves. For the record, I post ALL contests and winners on the ‘On Winning‘ page of my site. Check out the winners so far from coast-to-coast, and if you don’t see your province represented, there’s no time like the present to encourage friends in your city to join in on the fun.

2) As you’ll see on the ‘Winning’ page, there are still four contests running at the moment. If you haven’t entered yet, I encourage you to check out the contests to win either a collector’s coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, a lovely Star of David necklace from Alef Bet,  a one-month sold out subscription to, or a pedometer and social network subscription to GeoPalz.

3) You’ll notice that those contests are all ending in the next week. I can preview this much for you – when one door shuts, a window opens somewhere else, so *do* stay tuned…there’s tons of fun giveaways and gift-giving ideas to come. And seeing as how this is a blog about giving, I encourage you all to share the wealth – tell your friends and family to visit my blog and enter as well!

4) Agent Reclaim, star of my Secret Agent post from a few weeks ago, heard about the heartbreak some readers had over not winning one of the gorge reclaimed leather cuffs I gave away. So they’ve been kind enough to extend their Black Friday offer to all Canadian Gift Guide readers. From November 26th to the 30th, make a purchase, enter the coupon code BFRIDAY, and you’ll get 15% off your order – just in time for Christmas!

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