One For All

Credit where credit is due: my sister introduced me to today’s gift retailer of choice, after coveting a piece from them for quite some time. And I can’t say I blame her – I was pretty stunned to learn this newly launched shop is completely Canadian. It’s got a serious global, upscale feel and literally feels like no other Canadian etailer I’ve stumbled upon to date.

Eight Days A Week Limited Edition Print – $69
I’m talking about The ADFM Store – that is, Art, Design, Fashion, and Music. The urbanites that run the joint have a very sophisticated, modern take on gift ideas, and I think what I appreciate most about them is no matter what category you’re shopping in, everything fits together. In other words, there is a very defined customer in mind here, and you’ll be able to gauge pretty quickly whether it’s the person your shopping for. And if it is? Well the only challenge will be to narrow down what to buy ’em.

Pantone Chip Journal – $11.95
So what does each category contain? Well first and foremost, it’s key to note that almost everything is carried in limited quantities. The plus being you’re that much more likely to find an extra special piece, the minus being you better jump on something if you want to be guaranteed to get it. That note aside, the Art section of the site is pretty self-explanatory – limited edition prints in runs as low as 10, graphic design goodies like the Pantone notebook above, canvases, sculptures, coffee table books and more all feature prominently.

Jewelery Tree – $50
Design is where you’ll find more artsy tools and desktop must-haves, but also some modern and stylish pieces for the home, like this elegant jewelery tree pictured above. From stationery through to wine decanters, there’s no shortage of ideas for people of any age in this section.

Fashion, again, is pretty self-explanatory. A few notable factoids though. One, you’ve got pieces for gals, guys, and a load of accessories from bags and watches to eyeglasses and socks. Two, I recognize a good number of the designers as hard-to-find indie designers, and sometimes Canadian-made, including that gorgeous coat by Mackage pictured above. Three, AFDM has a team of seasoned stylists to help you find the perfect piece – for yourself, or for your giftee.

Urbanears Limited Edition Black Quilted Headphones – $90
Music, more than anything, speaks to the vibe of the ADFM brand – this is a group of people passionate about promoting up-and-coming artists right next to blockbuster stars. They’ve got a daily music blog with great new music ideas, concert ticket giveaways, interviews with fellow audiophiles to entertain you while you shop.

Being a Canadian boutique has its advantages. For the month of November, shipping is free with purchases over $100, plus you can score 10% off if you’re getting your Xmas shopping done early. And even if you don’t spend that much (but trust me, it’s easy to), shipping rates are totally reasonable, and you can exchange items with no additional costs. Bless ’em.

2 Responses to “One For All”
  1. amy says:

    I love the jewelry tree! Great gift idea.

  2. Prim says:

    I’m in love with that watch.

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