More Mahna Mahna

Have you seen the new Muppets Movie yet? It’s pretty swell. I think what I love about the Muppets / Jim Henson’s creations in general is the fact they manage to be incredibly self-aware (one might say to the extent of being post-modern, or meta), and therein lies the humour for parents. Bonus considering the kids will still love the puppets and kid-oriented bits, but for real, aside from the throwback potential, you’ll enjoy it.

Apparently so will the folks who’ve been marketing the film. Considering the franchise has been long-dormant, it’s nice to see people responding so positively to it, and so many Muppets products appearing on our shelves. If you’ve got a friend who doesn’t find it easy being green, well, considering spending a little green to make their Muppety day.

The Muppets Original Soundtrack & The Green Album – $14.99 / $11.99 @ HMV
If you loved singing along to the mostly original songs in the newest Muppet movie, this is a great gift idea – particularly for families that trekked out to see it together. Surprise your own little one, or a special niece or nephew, with kid-friendly tunes that’ll continually surprise parents as they tune in. Looking for the classics? Tons of popular indie artists covered everything from The Muppet Show Theme Song to Mahna Mahna to Rainbow Connection on the Green Album, released in summer 2011.

Muppets Wall Decals – $45
Got a little one that’s completely swept away by our favourite Muppet-y friends? Instead of investing in a full bedroom overhaul, consider removable wall decals by Blik. If say, a year or two from now your kiddie designer wants to upgrade from The Muppets to a teenage-friendly look? No sweat. The decals are fully removable. And Blik happens to be the only ones with rights to The Muppets, including these fun ‘peeking’ designs above that’ll spice up any space. Check out ‘How To Buy’ for a retailer near you!

OPI Muppets Collection – $10.95 each
Miss Piggy would be so proud. If you’re looking for a more subtle way to prove your allegiance to all things Muppet, check out OPI’s line of limited edition nail polishes inspired by the new film. From vibrant glitter polishes through to subtle, chic shades, there’s a polish for every gal pal on your gift list. OPI is available all over the place in Canada – try your favourite beauty salon or drugstore first.

Kermit Watch – $61
Uber hip watch designer Flud has collaborated with Disney on an entire line of watches, but my pick is this vibrant silicone watch that’s an ideal gift for the trendoid dude in your life. It’s definitely whimsical and eye-catching, so remember Kermit’s motto if you pick this one: it’s not easy being green…but it sure does look smashing.

2 Responses to “More Mahna Mahna”
  1. Heather says:

    I have the Excuse Moi nail polish! It’s so cute!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Tonight is the night we’ll find out if the Muppets win on the Oscars for their song! I love the Kermit watch btw! #cgg

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