Puppy Love

I talked about the tennis balls last month, but I thought it was worthwhile to quickly point you in the direction of HBC’s super cute house brand line of dog goodies. Everyone knows the signature primary colour stripes that are ultra-coveted by any Canadian, and if you’re lucky enough to own a pair of the store’s cashmere gloves or pointelle blankets, I envy you. If your pup is lucky enough to share the wealth? Well, consider me green. The prices are pretty reasonable too, all things considered. The pet bed pictured above comes in two sizes depending on the size of your pet, for $90-$110.

If you’re not planning to shell out that sort of coinage to spoil your own pet, they have a number of reasonably priced items that are great to give to your friends, parents, or boyfriend / girlfriend as a ‘just because’ gift, or a welcome gift if they were lucky enough to adopt a new pet for the holidays. The canoe-shaped dog toy above is just $10, making it a possible option for a hostess gift as well.

Another option? These stylish stoneware bowls which come in two different designs and two different sizes for $20-$24 a piece. Canadian. Classic. Cute. Sold!

One Response to “Puppy Love”
  1. Pat B says:

    I saw these at The Bay the other day! So, so cute! (my dog would particularly love the sweater…….)

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