Let It Snow

Sure I’ve been writing a lot about mid-winter pick-me-ups, but there’s no reason to not celebrate the magic of the post-Christmas season as well. In fact, today’s gift ideas do just that. Whether inspired by the crisp, cool air or the frosty, sparkling snow, these are heartwarming ideas that’ll melt any winter chill.

Glacial Facial Purifying Mineral Mud Masque – $34 USD @ Alaska Glacial Mud Co.
Although I don’t imagine they’d like to hear it, a small part of me considers Alaska as a sisterly extension of Canada. I know they’re not ours, but I’m always cheerful to hear about good things coming from the Northernmost state, like this upstart venture based out of the rainforest coast of south central Alaska. The long and the short of it is the folks at Alaska Glacial Mud Co. hand-harvest glacial mud that’s rich with pure, skin-soothing minerals. Mix it up with indigenous plants and you’ve got a skin treatment that’s meant for our own true North complexions. And yes, they ship to Canada for a completely reasonable rate of $8.
Perfect for: Bridesmaid goodie bags for a winter wedding. An at-home spa day with your best friend. A special treat for your mom’s birthday.

Nostalgia Electrics Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker – $69 @ Amazon
I don’t know what it is, but there’s something sincerely appealing about shaved ice with a dollop of flavoured syrup – especially when it comes in a vintage-inspired set like this one. Forget popcorn and cotton candy contraptions, this countertop confection instantly channels fun under the big top, and looks pretty to boot. Consider breaking it out for special occasions – like your kid’s birthday or family movie night – or keep it on deck for unexpected visitors.
Perfect for: Your brother, the dedicated father of two sugar-happy kids. Your husband, the dedicated friend of plenty of fellows that wouldn’t mind sucking back on a snow cone while watching the big game. Your parents, who are finally outfitting their basement like the movie theatre of their dreams.

310 Walking In The Air Fragrance – $12+ USD @ CB I Hate Perfume
Hipper-than-thou NYC-based perfume mastermind – CB to you and I – has a sensational gift for creating scents that are a perfect snapshot of whatever it is he’s trying to evoke. From fresh garden vegetables to pumpkin pie and fallen apples, his aim is to capture an essence of time or place, as opposed to a mixture of random accords. The result is breathtaking, as with scent 310 Walking In The Air, inspired by all things snow. Go for a small sampler bottle for just $12, or dive into one of the brand’s signature potent water perfumes for $75 and expect it to last (and feel like) a lifetime. There are two boutiques in Canada that stock the scents, or contact the boutique directly for information on how you can get your made-to-order scent delivered to your door.
Perfect for: Your snowbird parents that admittedly still pine for that crisp Canadian air. Your beauty-obsessed best friend. Your hipster sister.

Snow In A Can – $4.55 @ Indigo
Admittedly this winter hasn’t been kind to those that pine away to see fresh powder. If you’ve got a little one (or a charmingly childish spouse) that’s aching for the slopes – whether for sledding, skiing, or boarding – appease them with a can of fun and frivolous instant snow. Simply add water and you’ll have piles of synthetic snow that can be packed, deconstructed, or used for decor – again and again, I might add.
Perfect for: The board bunny in your house that’s choked the hills aren’t alive with the sound of snowflakes. Your favourite niece or nephew that was banking on a snow day this winter. Your grandkids when they come by for a visit and you can’t send ’em outside.

Winter Antenna 11 – $40 @ The Vitrine
It’s funny that with the mild winter we’re having (so far), last year’s harsh snowfalls seem but a distant memory. Remember when the Eastern seaboard was buried in snow? Well some industrious New Yorkers took to the streets with cell phone cameras in hand to produce the portraits compiled in this po-mo coffee table book. A little edgy and earthy, even though this book isn’t about our great white North, it certainly evokes the spirit of the season we all know and (sometimes) loathe.
Perfect for: Your little brother’s new apartment. Your best friend turned budding photographer. Those ever-blessed friends that invite you up to their cabin for a weekend ski trip.

One Response to “Let It Snow”
  1. Christina Dragan says:

    LOVE the snow cone maker…I still own mine from childhood. #cgg

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