Wakey Wakey

One of the worst parts of winter is dragging yourself out of bed when it’s still dark out. Amirite? Today’s gift ideas are motivational tools to get you out of bed and ready to take action for the day.

LARK Silent Alarm Sleep System – $99+
Have a friend that’s plagued by a different sleep schedule than their partner? Is your mom tired of your dad’s persistent snoring? Is your boyfriend simply looking for a better night’s rest? Then check out the LARK un-alarm, a soft, silent wristband that gently and naturally wakes you up using vibration technology, instead of a violent, anxiety-inducing buzzer (and allows your spouse to get shuteye to boot). If the prospect of a more blissful morning wake-up call isn’t enough for you, LARK also wirelessly transmits data about your sleep patterns to your favourite i-based operating system (select iPhone, iPad, and iPods are all compatible) so you can track your overall quality of sleep, including how long it takes for you to fall asleep, and how many times you wake up. Want to go the extra mile to dreamland? You can also partner with LARK’s online support system and get a personal sleep coach to help you set sleep goals and stay on top of your progress. Who says resting isn’t worth a little hard work?

Morning Mug – $29 USD @ Generate
If your co-worker / hubby / roommate is still a zombie well after rolling out of bed, empathize, don’t criticize. That’s the design principle behind this cute mug that’s as dark and dim as they are before their morning cup of coffee or tea. As the mug warms up, the design changes to a cheerful, bright smiley face, ready to take on the world right alongside with you, and your two sugars.

Wake Up Light – $120 @ Amazon
Not plagued by separate schedules but still looking for a kinder, gentler way to wake up? Try the Philips Wake-up Light, which gradually wakes you up for 30 minutes through the introduction of soft light – just like the rising sun – until your actual alarm, a sound-based introduction of your favourite radio station or nature finally sends your eyes fluttering open. Scientific studies have shown this sweet and subtle approach to getting out of bed makes it that much easier to do just that, and feels pleasant and refreshing, as opposed to jarring and depressing. Bonus – this light can actually replace your existing bedside table lamp. With 20 different brightness settings, it works just as well for reading as it does for waking.

‘I’ll Take That To Go’ Gift Set – $24.95 USD @ B3 Barista Bath & Body
Need a serious jolt to get going in the morning? Try B3’s unique line of coffee-infused products designed to work as a natural restorative, and to trigger those inner sense that already react to the aroma of a morning cup of joe. With cute names like ‘Room For Cream’ body creme and ‘Perk It Up’ shampoo, every item smells delish, and boasts some smart thinking as well: no environmentally-harmful sulfates or body-harmful parabens are present, and many of the products are made using organic, fair trade coffee as their bean source. Start with the sampler / travel kit above to give your pal a taste of a brighter, cleaner morning, and upgrade to full-size products and gift sets for future holidays.

4 Responses to “Wakey Wakey”
  1. Holly says:

    The mug is so cute! I love it!

  2. I want one of those gentle wake up alarms. It’s cool the first one tracks your sleep patterns!

  3. Ali G says:

    Those mugs are hilarious!

  4. Christina Dragan says:

    ahahaha that mug is so awesome, coolest looking mug I’ve ever seen.
    …I also find the scent of peppermint wakes me up. That’s why I love using shampoo or soap that has a hint of peppermint.

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