Must Be Your Lucky Day

I have a really cool necklace that I got at Target of all places that has pretty much every lucky charm on it that you can think of. Given that today is Friday the 13th (the first of three this year I think), I thought it might be fun to throw a few gift ideas at you based on these classic symbols of good luck. If you’re into that sort of thing. They’re fun trinkets for today to ward off the future 13ths to come, or just nice lucky charms for the friend or family member that could use some good spirits on her side.

Lucky Bamboo
– $12+
Thought to bring good fortune in Chinese culture, lucky bamboo is actually an imposter plant that simply mimics that look and feel of bamboo, but is much heartier and easier to grow in pretty much any light conditions. I’m not actually going to give you a retailer on this, because pretty much every floral shop or gardening store (including your local big box hardware store) will sell lucky bamboo in a nice decorative pot. The price points are all over the map depending on whether you go for a classic three-stem arrangement – representing happiness, wealth, and longevity – or an elaborate plant with over twenty stems, but altogether this is a great choice for a new couple that has just moved in together, or for your best friend who’s starting a new job.

Lucky Penny Necklace – $19 @ Punky Bunny Designs
Next time you spot a penny, you’ll be able to skip picking it up with a fun penny charm necklace stamped with the word ‘LUCKY’. It’s rumored to be extra good luck if you’re wearing one with your birth year, so consider contacting the designer to see if A) she’s got your birth year in stock and B) if she might be willing to do a custom order with one of our pretty Canadian copper pennies instead.

Grey Elephant Frame – $40 USD @ Dwell Studio
Did you know the sentiment that an elephant is only lucky if its trunk is pointing up is a strictly North American belief? Ah well, even if that’s the case, I still like the idea of an elephant maybe waving hello to you, and what’s not lucky about that? On that note, this sleek picture frame is a nod to good luck without being a four-leaf clover. Consider it a blessing for a new baby, or slip in a photo of you and your girlfriend / boyfriend and put it on your desk, as a reminder of how lucky you are to be together.

Good Luck Origami Stars – $2.65 @ Not So Shabby Chic
Wishes are made on ’em, so you know they’ve got to be lucky. This cheapie gift gives you two choices – share a star with your kids or hubby on particularly important days, or give the whole lot of them in a pretty bowl or vase as a nice alternative to gift-wrapping. Want to master the art yourself? Check out this book on Origami Activities which teaches you to make ‘good luck animals’ or gift boxes for your future luck-bringing gift-giving occasions.

One Response to “Must Be Your Lucky Day”
  1. Anne Taylor says:

    I love the origami stars! I’m going to have to find out how to make them! #cgg

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