Luckiest Charms

While these opal bracelets aren’t technically just for St. Patrick’s day, they’re certainly charming!

Every Wish Way

Have good luck on your side and your favourite jewelry in plain sight when you pick up today’s pretty gift idea.

I’ve Got Your Number

Have luck on your side at all times when you don a special ring signifying that adored digit in your life.

Must Be Your Lucky Day

Feeling jumpy about Friday the 13th? Today’s gifts are fun spins on good luck talismans to ward off whatever superstitions have got your giftees all antsy.

Star Light, Star Bright

CONTEST ALERT: Shopping for Hanukkah? Looking for a gorgeous new good luck charm? Check out Jewish jewellery design Alef Bet by Paula for a line of sparkling stunners that’ll suit any price point. Plus, you could win this gorgeous star pendant pictured above. Chag Sameach!