Flash Post: Gold Standard

What it is: Playing cards bedeck with a glittering cold coating and housed in their very own protective playing case.
Who it’s for: Your boyfriend that’s looking to start up a poker night with his friends. Your sister that’s planning a trip to Vegas and wants to get some cardshark practice in. Your nephew that’s far too precious and young to realize how nerdy magic tricks are.
What it costs: $22
Where it’s at: Toronto-based Drake General Store

4 Responses to “Flash Post: Gold Standard”
  1. Prim says:

    Holy glitteratti

  2. Christina Dragan says:

    I like the looks of them. For the rich and the famous. #cgg

  3. Eleanor Q says:

    Any person who likes card would really appreciate these gold coated cards. I certainly do. Just wondering if they rub off on your hands and fingers.

  4. PrimeValues says:

    Gold will get rubbed off of the gold-plated cards… no matter how thin the layer is, it’s a waste of valuable gold to play with these… otherwise they look good as “collector’s item”.

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