All In Your Head

It’s another winter week, which means it’s time for another mid-winter pick-me-up post. So far we’ve talked about taking care of your shoes and oiling up your skin, today let’s take a look at that stuff growing out of your head: your hair. The number of hair treatments I could talk to you about is endless, but I’m going to hone in on oils, yet again. If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, argan oil – harvested from trees in Morocco – is getting a lot of well-warranted attention for its ability to smooth and seal in moisture for both your hair and your skin. All of a sudden, dozens of products are popping up infused with this magic potion, including my picks for today. Now, who are these gifts for? Naturally, the ladies will lean towards these ones. If you’ve got a birthday or even Valentine’s coming up, these are sweet picks that every gal with a head of hair will appreciate.

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Products – $8.99+ @ Drugstores
This salon-inspired drugstore brand is making a difference – it’s just a few dollars more than your everyday faves yet boasts benefits for both your body (unique essential oils and paraben-free) and the planet (eco-friendly packaging, organic ingredients, and sulfate-free). Their Moroccan Argan Oil line is among the most extensive, with everything from your basic shampoo and conditioner to defining creams, hair masks, and pure oils to give your hair a touchably smooth forecast on an everyday basis.

Conair Volume Boost Hair Dryer + Infiniti Pro Professional Heat Straightener – $59.99 each wherever Conair products are sold
Styling tools are like the cell phones of the cosmetics world: they are constantly innovating, and these two new products from Conair are no exception. The peppy purple hair dryer pictured above is designed to dry your hair quicker, and boost volume with the new volumizing pik attachment – an major must in the days of flat, staticky hair. The 1-2 punch being offered up by Conair also extends to their new nano-tourmaline dryer, designed for gals on the go: the quick-heat setting and extra long plates make it easy to get your hair – whether it starts out straight or not – into ship shape for the work day. Despite the awesome features, heat styling still causes damage to your hair…luckily both of these hair helpers come with a bonus bottle of argan oil to lock in shine and moisture and give you a salon-ready look.

Moroccanoil Treatment – $41+ @ Moroccanoil / your fave beauty salon
So we’ve covered everyday styling products infused with argan oil, and styling tools that come with bonus bottles of argan oil, but let’s get down to the real deal: Moroccanoil is probably the leading brand out there to take ownership of the whole hair oil craze. You can find their full line of products in just about any beauty salon worth their salt, or check out Canadian online retailers like Aru. There’s tons of styling aids and creams – from hairspray and mousse to glitter shine spray and a hydrating mask – but the true blue product is their Moroccanoil treatment: pure, ultra-nourishing argan oil. And if you’ve got thin but still fussy hair, there’s also the ‘light’ treatment that’s a little less intense. Score a small bottle as a stocking stuffer next year, or give it as part of a beauty-inspired package for your mom, sister, or friend.

6 Responses to “All In Your Head”
  1. Corinne says:

    Love love love argan oil.

  2. Ashley says:

    That Conair straightener looks amazing. I have super long hair and it takes me forever to straighten!

  3. Christina Dragan says:

    I love using my Moroccan oil, adds that extra shine that I need in the wintertime.


  4. Alana B says:

    I am definately thinking of getting the shampoo conditioner also the treatment looks good too.


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