Flash Post: Prairie Home Companion

What it is: Nesting tables that can be used individually or arranged together, in the shape of Canada’s three prairie provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Created by Canadian design house Gus*.
Who it’s for: Your best friend that moved to the coast to escape the prairie winters, but still has a soft spot for home. Your sister that’s planning to buy her first house and needs a signature piece of modern furniture. Your snowbird parents, to remind them their homeland is just a short plane trip away.
What it costs: According to this retailer, it’s regularly $575 for the set.
Where it’s at: Check out the extensive list of dealers on the Gus* website, and try calling your favourite local shop first. There’s a huge number of online dealers as well (including the one where I sourced the price above), but your best bet is to buy local and take it home the day you lay eyes on it.

One Response to “Flash Post: Prairie Home Companion”
  1. I dont know about these……looks like one has a bite out of it and another would be awkward to use, with the pointy extention. Novelty for conversation is about it my opinion. #ccg

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