Hand It To You

Let’s recap what I’ve covered so far in the realm of mid-winter pick-me-ups – aka great gift ideas for every Canadian cutie on your gift list this season. First,we looked at protecting your favourite footwear with BootRescue wipes. Then we tackled smooth and supple skin with Weleda body oils. And last time I checked in, we looked at keeping your manes as glossy as can be with gift ideas infused with argan oil.

Today I’m hoping to lend a helping hand by giving you a few gift ideas that will protect your hands and nails over the winter season. I have to say, I live in a relatively mild climate for Canada and even I suffer from dried, cracked hands in the winter, something which may or may not be my own fault for stubbornly refusing to put on mittens half the time when I step outside. Since most people don’t have mani/pedis on the brain when they’re up to their knees and elbows in snow, now is the time to do a little self-maintenance. And with that, I bring you…

Deborah Lippman Cuticle Oil – $20 @ Deborah Lippman
While your actual nails need plenty of love and affection, don’t forget about your cuticles – the whitish part that frames the nail. A gorgeous shade of glittery polish will take you nowhere if you’ve got raggedy scraps of skin peeling off around it. This all-natural oil is as pristine as it gets, with a gentle blend of jojoba and coconut oils alongside nail nourisher Vitamin E. Dab some on before you go to bed or give yourself a manicure and give your hands a new level of polish.

Borghese Spa Gloves – $52 @ eBeauty.ca
Just because this isn’t primo spa season, doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself the spa treatment at home. Pop these nourishing gloves onto your hands while watching your favourite sitcom, and 20 minutes later expect to see softer, smoother, and altogether happier hands. Originally developed for medical use in treating severe skin injuries, this is one medical marvel you’ll be pleased to adopt on an everyday basis.

Paint & Peel Nail Polish Kits – $14 USD each @ Sula
It wouldn’t be a hands & nails post without a little polish now would it? Behold Canadian brand Sula, known for their Paint & Peel nail polishes in vibrant hues like vermilion and and bubblegum. The concept is pretty genius: the water-based formula is free of the big, scary ingredients that dominate a lot of polishes these days (formaldehyde anyone?), goes on just like regular polish, and can be easily peeled off when you’re ready for a colour swap – meaning no harsh remover chemicals on your hands either. These cute kits include two shades each, plus the brand’s signature top coat to keep your fingers looking fresh all week long. Awesome idea for a friend’s birthday!

Intensive Therapy Organic Hand Cream – $20 @ Consonant
Consider Canadian brand Consonant’s line of body care products as the best of three worlds: the luxury of premium brands, the effectiveness of dermatologist-recommended products, and the good-for-you benefits of all-natural lines. Expect your skin to simply soak up their organic, paraben and sulfate-free magic potions, including the Intensive Therapy Organic Hand Cream – designed to battle even the harshest Canadian winters and keep skin from getting cracked or dried out (elbows and heels too!) Plus it’s unscented, meaning even those with sensitive skin (and noses) will be able to bask in this glorious moisturizing solution. Plus, you can actually set a ‘restock’ cycle. If you know you’re an avid hand cream user, simply set how many days until you’d like the brand to automatically send you a refill.

BONUS!!! It’s probably worth mentioning that I *just* got wind of a pretty cool offer over at Consonant’s flagship store in Toronto, plus a few other retail locations in the area, or even online if you’re not in the GTA. From now until February 26th, if you bring in your old face wash, face cream, or eye cream (used or unused) you can actually score 50% off an equivalent Consonant product of your choice. So if that $7 jar of drugstore night cream isn’t doing it for you, consider it bringing it in for a much-needed upgrade. For details on the retail locations + how to participate via Facebook, check this out.

7 Responses to “Hand It To You”
  1. Ashley says:

    I’ve seen those Sula nail polishes before but I’ve never bought…love the colours.

  2. Paint and peel polish?! Just what I need as I end up chipping and picking at my regular polish anyway. A 3pc kit for $14 is a deal! #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    The gloves are a great idea, but a bit too costly for me!

  4. Sophia says:

    I recently switched over to Consonant facial products and I’m loving them so far! Haven’t tried the hand cream yet, but if it’s as good as their other products, then I’m sold! #cgg

  5. Anne Taylor says:

    Great products. The paint and peel nail kits are very cool! #cgg

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