Of The Month Clubs: Ring Edition

As promised last month, I’m hoping to do a ‘DIY Gift’ post each month highlighting how you can actually create your own ‘Of the Month’ club for a loved one. Instead of shelling out for a subscription service, have fun traversing your local markets & the internet for some nifty gifts that’ll have them smiling month after month. For April I decided to do rings. Love is in the air, and while many perfect proposals are likely imminent, there’s no saying you can’t have fun buying a special lady a cadre of more affordable finger adornments. And hey, you could even use this year of ring-springing as practice for the real thing. So read on & remember – the exact rings might not stick around for long, but these are great sources for jewelry shopping in general.

TOP ROW (L to R)
ShanaLogic: Northern Lights Ring – $16
St. Kilda Jewelry: Love Ring #2 in Silver – $100
Uranium: Promesse Ring – $12
Aldo: Gillett Ring – $8

JewelMint: Honey Bee Ring – $30
Forever 21: Glistening Dome Ring – $6.80
Generate Design: Inner Message Ring in ‘Always’ – $119
Black and White Stone Knotted Ring – $70

The Urban Apparel: Sex & The City Brass Ring – $18.99
Gunmetal Sparkles Skull Ring – $17
Pree Brulee:
Monet’s Nympheas Ring – $18
Plastique Shop:
Offset Diamonds Acrylic Ring in Black – $15

4 Responses to “Of The Month Clubs: Ring Edition”
  1. Sophia says:

    Ooohhh…I love rings! While not every ring on this list is my style, there are definitely a few I wouldn’t mind picking up for myself. #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    Now that’s a collection that won’t take up too much room and will be lots of fun! #CGG

  3. Romana S. says:

    I love the ring with the rosettes on it! cute! #cgg

  4. Talex says:

    love shopping for rings – and they’re a very popular gift item in my family #cgg

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