Them Apples

I’ll cheers to this great gift idea – a DIY home cider kit to make the hard apple-infused drink of your dreams.

Pere Noel

CONTEST ALERT! We’ve covered great gifts for mom – but let’s not forget about dad! Here are 10 gift ideas for dad plus I have a $660 prize package up for grabs!

Chai, How You Doing?

Drink it in. Today’s gift idea is an uber cool way to customize your morning hot bevvie.

Keg City

Get a handle on home brewing with today’s crafty DIY kit. A perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Perfecting the Craft

CONTEST ALERT! Itching to get crafty? Then look no further than Designher Kit, which delivers all the materials you need to create three stunning pieces of jewelry / accessories.

Ultimate DIY

Holy cool is all I have to say about today’s gift idea from In a nutshell, I’m showing you a poster. But in reality, you’ll get so much more from it.

Dearest Dad

CONTEST ALERT! Presenting five gift ideas tailored to dads that are looking to expand their horizons, or at least their minds. Plus you could win a dear ol’ dad prize package valued at nearly $80!

Flash Post: Seasons Greetings

This one’s for the crafty one on your gift list: a handy custom card making kit complete with tutorials, tips, and design elements to give you a head start on crafting handmade holiday greetings.

Say Cheese

Today’s picks are around the food of the gods: cheese! Of course, cheese gifts need not be cheesy – presenting five picks designed to make every amateur cheese nibbler a bona fide expert.

Of The Month Clubs: Ring Edition

Ring around the rosey: it’s another month to DIY an ‘Of The Month’ gift-giving club, and here are twelve picks to get you started.

Pretty Great

CONTEST ALERT – Meet Pretty Beauty & Books, a lovely little boutique located in Toronto that also happens to curate some of their clean, green, and altogether awesome products online. Plus, you could win a gift set straight from the shop!