Style For Miles

I truly can’t go more than a week or two without zeroing in on another awesome business for yet another Retailer Spotlight. Today’s showcase is for Chloe In Style, a store I have had on my radar for over six months, and am finally able to share with you! Bridget Jewell started the shop back in 2006 and has (obviously) seen quite a bit of success since then. Her collection is incredibly diverse – from pretty paper products and baby booties to gorgeous kimono robes and quirky cufflinks – and pretty much made for gift-giving. The shop has also had the privilege of being featured in some pretty high profile media, included InStyle, GOOP, and the Ellen Degeneres Show to name but a few. Without further ado, below are my top five picks for the season – but I strongly an encourage a visit for yourself!

Greeting Cards – $3.25 (individual) – $7 (box of 10)
Chloe In Style has a *ton* of pretty individual and boxed cards, but I narrowed it down to these three thematically appropriate choices. It seems you can’t go more than a month without a pregnancy or birth announcement, so if you’re busy planning a baby shower, consider these super cute invites that include a tearaway section to slip some advice to the new mama-to-be. Ditto on the equally precious grad cards, so you can invite extended friends & family to watch your little one cross the stage and turn a corner, with some grown-up advice to help them in the adult world. If you’re simply shopping for Father’s Day, the individually packaged cards present many sweet options, including this sweet illustrated one that shows the softer side of dad.

Baby Booties – $41 – $44 each
If you’re on the receiving end of a baby shower invite this summer, and looking for a fab baby gift, look no further – this store is built for moms & tots and special items to service them both, including the wide selection of melt-your-heart baby booties. Available in everything from cowboy & Ugg-inspired styles to high top sneakers and sparkly ruby slippers, these super soft and cosy shoes will not only keep baby’s tootsies toasty in the cooler months, they’re the type of thing mom will hold onto for well after, as a simple reminder that they really were that small once.

Medals – $176 – $386
Dad’s your hero, right? Then show him with one of these Canadian-made medals, designed to evoke classic military adornments and packaged in keepsake boxes with a certificate that explains each award. Whether you’re thanking him for being faithful, honest, courageous, or honourable, don’t be surprised to see dad get a bit weepy-eyed when he opens your gorgeous gift. He can be bold and display it to the world on his tie or lapel, or clip it to the inside  of his coat with a constant reminder that home is where the heart is.

Kimonos – $95 each
I almost hesitated at including these robes, but they’re so pretty, and so versatile for gift-giving I simply couldn’t. Available in a half-dozen exotic prints and hand sewn in cosy cotton, these beautiful cover-ups can work overtime – don one at the beach or poolside, wrap it around you when curled up in bed or having a post-bar sleepover with your girlfriends, or hide a plain ol’ hospital gown when taking the first photos of a new mom & baby. Because the kimono robes are so multi-talented, they’re also suitable for a ton of gift-giving occasions – graduations, baby showers, bridesmaids or bridal gifts, or even just birthdays.

Cufflinks – $37+
This is actually the original reason I’d flagged Chloe In Style, which is funny because the store is as girly as can be. Perhaps it’s because cufflinks are one of the few accessories a guy can really have fun with, which would appeal to my feminine gift-giving side. The range of options at Chloe In Style certainly does not disappoint either. Superhero fan? You’ll find most of the classic Marvel & DC heroes represented, including several from the red-hot Avengers film including Thor and Iron Man. Obsessed with video games? He’ll get a kick out of the retro Tetris or Gameboy styles. Sporty all-star? Football is well represented with several top UK teams and cheeky yellow card / red card styles, or go for the 3D tennis ball canisters pictured above. It’s a cute way to represent his personal taste and still get away with a relatively standard, practical Father’s Day gift idea.

Now that you know and love Chloe In Style like I do, I’ve got good news. I’m giving away one pair of cufflinks of the lucky winner’s choice. Interested? Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment by June 24th on which product from Chloe In Style you’d most love gift to someone else – and for what occasion.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around June 25th to select the winner, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: Get sharing. For every Tweet, Facebook, or Pin related to this specific post, you’ll earn a bonus entry. Just post a link back to it (or a screenshot if your Facebook wall is private) in the comments below. 

68 Responses to “Style For Miles”
  1. nikki robak says:

    the guitar cufflinks

  2. beatrice lawson says:

    I would love the kimono robe for my sister-in-law. SHe had a baby 8 months ago and could use a super pretty pick me up to add some color to her new mom wardrobe.

  3. Suzanne Giroux says:

    The batman cufflinks for my son.

  4. Susan says:

    I would choose the Kimono “Island” robe for my mother. #CGG2

  5. JENNIFER HART says:


  6. Crystal Stevens says:

    Love the game boy and the transformer cufflinks. I think they would be an amazing birthday gift for my brother.

  7. Gemma says:

    I love the Afternoon Masterpiece hair piece, it would be a great gift for my niece.

  8. Patricia says:

    definitely the guitars

  9. SweetPanda says:

    I would love the spiderman cufflinks for my hubby! He would definitely love them!

  10. Stellar says:

    I’d get the Football Soccer Ball and Shoe Cufflinks for dad for FAther’s Day. Appropriate how Euro Cup is currently on !

  11. Ali says:

    I would totally give my mom the kimono!

  12. LS says:

    I’d pick the guitars. 🙂

  13. Lisa NB says:

    Game boys would be cool !!

  14. Stephanie F says:

    definitely the batman ones! for my bf’s birthday.

  15. Lindsay says:

    i think the baby booties would be an amazing gift for a baby shower. they are so adorable!

  16. Jordan Kentris says:

    I would love the robot cufflinks!

  17. Jayne Cameron says:

    I like the Spiderman cufflinks

  18. julia g says:

    I would love to give one of the beautiful kimono robes to my sister for her birthday.

  19. Linda Chaput says:

    I’m a musician.Definately the guitar cuuflinks.

  20. Stacey Cooke says:

    Giant Christmas Pixie! My niece would flip if she saw that waiting for her on Christmas day! 😀

  21. Linda says:

    I would love to give my husband the Tetris or Gameboy style cufflinks for Father’s Day….they would be from his four wondering children!

  22. Elaine D says:

    Jet Fighter F 16 Falcon Airplane Cufflinks

  23. aly3360 says:

    I’d love to give the Heart of Driftwood to my SO for our anniversary. It’s beautiful.

    ayoung3360 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  24. aly3360 says:

    ayoung3360 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  25. aly3360 says:

    ayoung3360 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  26. sean pynaert says:

    I’d probably go for the baseball ones, since that’s the sport I play.

  27. caroneko says:

    I’d get the Game Boy cufflinks for my husband for Christmas. He’d love them.

  28. julie says:

    I’d give the Ironman cufflinks to my husband for Father’s Day.

  29. intensev5 says:

    I would love to give the Baby Booties to my sister-in-law’s sister for her little girl

  30. tennille says:

    I love the drift wood heart—I have a friend who would adore it!

  31. Jeannie Smyth says:

    I would love to give the kimono to my friend!

  32. amymbrown says:

    I like the Crystal Pink Chandelier

  33. Jessica Lord says:

    I would love to get the baby booties for my little darling

  34. Natalie Parisee says:

    I want to win the guitare

  35. Pierrette says:

    superman logo ones, for my husband

  36. Sarah Robinson says:

    the guitar and gameboy cufflinks

  37. Sherry F (one proud momma) says:

    I would love to give the Courageous Teal Heart Medal to my youngest son who just graduated from university after 5 years of study. He was not happy that it took him 5 years to get his B of Sc but considering he had a cardiac arrest in his first year due to an undetected heart arrhythmia I think it is amazing. It slowed him down but he didn’t quit on his first year even though his memory and concentration wasn’t 100% for about a year after the cardiac arrest. He loves armour and swords and I just think this heart medal would be a great way to recognize his accomplishment.

    • Robin says:

      Hi Sherry,

      I think it’s just the cufflinks they are giving away, but you might want to try contacting the designer directly.

      I know she has a blog where she features special stories like yours and maybe you can work something out with her?

      Good luck and congratulations to you and your son!

  38. Tom Mangan says:

    I like the Liverpool Football Club cufflinks.

  39. Ryan B says:

    Iron Man Cufflinks

  40. darci says:

    Spiderman cufflinks are AWESOME!

  41. Tyler says:

    The ironman cufflinks for my dad.

  42. Dee B. says:

    Superman cufflinks!

  43. Glenda says:

    the guitar cufflinks are so cool – I’d give them to my husband

  44. Stacey says:

    the guitar cufflinks

  45. Anne Derkat says:

    The guitar cufflinks

  46. I would love to win the guitar cufflinks for my brother who is a classical guitarist!

  47. Pat B says:

    My daughter would ♥ the kimono robe!

  48. sonja says:


  49. scifisara says:

    I’d give the Doctor Who TARDIS Time Machine Cufflinks to my husband for his birthday on August 2nd! He’s a huge fan of the show.

  50. sean pynaert says:

    I would love an exotic print kimono!

  51. Cathy Canton says:

    I would pick the cufflinks for my son. I like the gameboy ones

  52. Lauren Gravel says:

    The guitar cufflinks would make a great gift for anyone

  53. aimee p says:

    spiderman is cool

  54. Brook says:

    I have a bridal shower to attend and the Blu Heart Kimono would be a perfect gift! It is feminine, the colors are so spring..and a little blu for the bride to be!

  55. Krista says:

    I would love to give the Transformer Autobot cufflinks to my boyfriend for his upcoming birthday! He wanted cufflinks too!

  56. kellyp says:

    I’d gift that kimono to myself! Or the electric guitar cufflinks for hubby if I wasnt being greedy.

  57. Guitat cuffin and baby booties would be great.I have a baby due on june so…

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