Beach season is here, holla! And with it, plenty of opportunities to purchase new pressies that’ll make a splash. For this post, I thought it’d be fun to analyze a few different poolside personas, including some ideas for swimwear, and just what you’d find inside each of these ladies’ beach bags. Read on for tons of great gift ideas this summer season!

For the Sporty Sister
If you have a friend that’s the first to jump into the waves, followed by a round of beach volleyball, a stroll down the boardwalk, and late night dodgeball, then chances are this beach bag will look a little familiar. With an athletic body, she’s never shy to bare it all – but her swimsuit better damn well hold up for an impromptu chicken fight or race along the pool. Notable extras? Waterproof sunscreen, cotton shorts, and waterproof eye makeup.
The Swimsuit: Lily Stripes by La Vie En Rose
The Ensemble: Stripy Towel by La Vie En Rose
Board Capri by La Vie En Rose
Sporty Chic Sunglasses by La Vie En Rose
The Extras: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Creams
L’Oreal Ombrelle SPF 60 Sport Sunscreen
The Beach Read: Gold by Chris Cleave – a story of two frenemies battling it out for the last spot on their Olympic team.

For the Poolside

Inspired by hot Miami nights and sizzling after-hours parties, this golden gal is more content to sunbathe by the pool than dive into the ocean. Her favourite signature shade of pink stands out against her well-managed tan, and she’s just an accessory away from turning her daytime look decidedly evening. If you plunge into her purselike tote, you’ll find plenty of beauty essentials and the latest feel-good chick lit.
The Swimsuit: Jungle Palm by La Vie En Rose
The Ensemble: Jungle Palm Chiffon Tunic by La Vie En Rose
Modal Skirt by La Vie En Rose
Suede Urban Flip Flops by La Vie En Rose
Mesh Tote by La Vie En Rose
The Extras: Balmshell Lip Gloss in Sleep In Beauty
Color Minded UV Protective Styling Balm by Bumble & bumble
Gold Anklet by JewelMint
The Beach Read: I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella – from prolific & beloved British author Kinsella comes yet another madcap romantic comedy, this time surrounding a lost cell phone, a missing engagement ring, and an increasingly tangled mess of miscommunication.

For The Earthbound Beach Babe
You know the type – this is the gal that can spend a day in the sun and look absolutely blissful by sunset; tousled hair, freckled face, salty skin and all. She’s at one with nature and absolutely loves visits to the lake (or ocean, if one’s handy). Often dubbed the brainy one of the bunch, she’s still the one most likely to stay up late and count the stars, tend to the fire, or simply unwind your brain.
The Swimsuit: Tribal Mask by La Vie En Rose
The Ensemble: Maxibeads Bag by La Vie En Rose
Navaho Sandals by La Vie En Rose
Big Cruise Hat by La Vie En Rose
Soft Solid Chiffon Tunic by La Vie En Rose
Jackie Sunglasses by La Vie En Rose
The Extras: Active Mud for Hair & Scalp by Borghese
Navajo Turquoise Ring
The Beach Read: Where We Belong by Emily Giffin – If her novels weren’t pastel-coloured, you’d hardly know they were chick lit. Giffin’s latest smart offering details what happens when a successful thirty-something is confronted with a piece of her past, in the form of an eighteen-year-old girl.

For The Seashore Sophisticate
She just can’t be without her signature mod-inspired black, even when she’s lapping up rays and waves and plenty of attention. This Bond Girl-inspired collection is a little bit sixties, a little bit seductive, and works particularly well for dips in the hot tub or moonlight swims.Ā  Her extras are downright inscrutable – unless of course, you’re in the know.
The Swimsuit: James Bond by La Vie En Rose
The Ensemble: Chiffon Tunic with Beads by La Vie En Rose
Jewel Thong Sandals by La Vie En Rose
Black & White Towel by La Vie En Rose
The Extras: Rose Elixir Secret Message Balm by La Vie En Rose
Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner by Stila
Groovy Cats Eye Sunglasses by Tobi
The Beach Read: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – told in alternating accounts between a once-enamoured, now-missing wife and her decidedly egotistical prig of a husband, the always-chilling Flynn’s latest work is a twisty-turny-squirmy delight.

Ready to pack your beach bag? Let me give you a head start – I’ve got a $50 gift card from La Vie En Rose to give away to a surf-ready reader. If you’re ready to enter, all you gotta do is:

1) While I’m sure I’ve given you plenty of swimspiration, head on over to the La Vie En Rose website and tell me which swimsuit you’d most like to pack in your beach bag (or see in your significant others’ bag). You’ve got until June 25th, so get browsing.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around June 26th to select the winner, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: Follow the folks over at La Vie En Rose via Twitter, then drop your Twitter handle in the comments below so I can verify you’ve done so.

85 Responses to “Swimspiration”
  1. Melony says:

    I would really like the hot floral tanktini in my beach bag! šŸ™‚

  2. leah leitch says:

    Like the mix and match swimwear and I saw a cool black one with white circles. Classic. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. JENNIFER HART says:

    I would like the Alessa one piece in my beach bag plus i would see if i could shove in the baby terry one piece and the cotton linen pants.

  4. Leah M says:

    I like the two piece petal set in coral!

  5. Patricia Cooper says:

    The swimsuit Iā€™d most like to pack in my beach bag is the Jungle Palm Mix-and-match Triangle Bikini Top, Skirted Bikini Bottom and Palm Chiffon Tunic.

    I follow La Vie En Rose on Twitter: pinecone8

  6. Debbie F says:

    I like the Gathers one piece.

  7. BORIS DANIK says:


  8. I would love to have the James Bond Mix-and-match Tankini Top and the James Bond Mix-and-match Skirt

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  9. I follow La Vie En Rose via Twitter (@ksceviour)

  10. aly3360 says:

    I would Loooove to have the Zoom Leaf Mix-and-match Halter Bikini Top and matching Zoom Leaf Mix-and-match Boyleg Bikini Bottoms in my swim bag for the summer!

    ayoung3360 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  11. aly3360 says:

    I follow La Vie En rose on twitter as @aly3360

    ayoung3360 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  12. Jeannie Smyth says:

    I would love the James Bond Halter and Belted Bikini Bottom.

  13. Donna Lyn says:

    I like the Ombre Leopard Mix-and-match Triangle Bikini

  14. Heather Simpson says:

    I like the James Bond Mix-and-match Bandeau Bikini Top and the boy-leg bikini bottom. I have tweeted as chachacha1957.

  15. Vivian says:

    I like the James bond suit – it is so retro.

  16. Debbie Petch says:

    I like the Lily stripes.

  17. Patricia says:

    Alessa One-piece for me

  18. Gemma says:

    I like the Jungle Palm

  19. sean pynaert says:

    lilly stripes is my wife’s fave

  20. ASHLEY O says:

    James Bond Mix-and-match Boyleg Bikini Bottom WITH either James Bond Mix-and-match Bandeau Bikini Top OR James Bond Mix-and-match Halter Bikini Top !!!

  21. ASHLEY O says:

    FOLLOWING La Vie En Rose via Twitter, (iginlagurl12) ALSO TWEETED the CONTEST šŸ™‚

  22. OMG I love the Tribal Mask Mix-and-match Bandeau Bikini Top!!

  23. I am following @_La_Vie_en_Rose on Twitter! @rebthecatsitter

  24. Susan says:

    I would choose the Mansfield One-piece. (Style #: 799-632-2-00) #CGG2

  25. Linda Chaput says:

    The James Bond is so tantalizing.

  26. Donnas says:

    I like the Soft Solid Mix-and-match Tankini

  27. Donnas says:

    I follow on Twitter as @Dawnalees

  28. Alina R. says:

    I am definitely going for the Gathers one-piece suit with ruching.

  29. Kiki says:

    I love the Tribal Zebra Mix-and-match Tankini Top! Fashionable and stunning, while hiding a bit of the pudge!

  30. @retromusic says:

    I follow La Vie en Rose on Twitter

  31. Tammy Wilson says:

    Mansfield red one piece. All over the sexy retro!

  32. mousecat says:

    I’d stuff theTribal Mask Mix-and-match Tankini Top and the Tribal Mask Mix-and-match Skirt Bikini Bottom into my beach bag!!

  33. intensev5 says:

    I really like the Spiral Croc Mix-and-match Tankini

  34. Kathia Rostran says:

    The Jungle Palm mix and match set is super fab!
    Also following on Twitter; @jawngreene

  35. Ali says:

    I would totally want a James Bond Tankini top and a james bond boyleg bottom

  36. Jennifer C. says:

    I think the “Alessa One-piece” is nice.

  37. Pierrette Wiseman says:

    tribal mask mix and match bikini

  38. Jessica Lord says:

    I would love the “Tribal Mask Mix-and-match” set

  39. beewbedard says:

    Love their Alessa One-piece

  40. Burcu says:

    I love Lily Stripes Mix-and-match Tankini Bikini Top

  41. beewbedard says:

    following at La Vie En Rose via Twitter

  42. Teresa M says:

    I like Soft Solid Mix-and-match Push-up Bikini Top and the Soft Solid Mix-and-match Bikini Skirt Bottom

  43. Teresa M says:

    I follow La Vie En Rose on Twitter @claesa

  44. caroneko says:

    I like the Spiral Croc mix-and-match set.

  45. caroneko says:

    I follow La Vie En Rose with @caromorin

  46. Natalie Parisee says:

    I want the sporty chic

  47. Jennifer R says:

    I really like the Lily Stripes mix and match Tankini top with the boyleg bikini bottom.

  48. Sarah Robinson says:

    i really like the sporty sister with the white and blue bikini!

  49. Ryan B says:

    James bond swimsuit

  50. Tegan says:

    Happy Pink Stripes is so adorable!

  51. Kristina Karlstrom says:

    Black & white tribal

  52. darci says:

    James Bond set is fantastic!

  53. Sunshine G says:

    I like the Bond Girl Tankini suit!

  54. Sunshine G says:

    Following on Twitter as sgudlaug.

  55. stacey h says:

    Tornado Palms Mix-and-match Bandeau Bikini Top & Soft Solid Mix-and-match Fold-over Waist Bikini Bottom

  56. stacey h says:

    follow on twitter @tooliecat

  57. I like the lily stripes bandeau with the tie bottoms

  58. Stacey says:

    I like the Gathers one piece.

  59. prairiebelle says:

    I would like the Mansfield One-piece


  60. prairiebelle says:

    I follow La Vie en Rose on twitter as Prairiebelle


  61. I like the James Bond one, I love black!

  62. Pamalot says:

    I would love to have the White Lily Mix-and-match Skirted Bikini Bottom with the matching halter top

  63. Pamalot says:

    I am following on twitter

  64. tennille says:

    following LER on twitter

  65. scifisara says:

    I’d go for the Mansfield One-piece!

  66. Amie Watts says:

    the Gathers One-Piece would be my choice, in teal!

  67. Cathy Canton says:

    Definitely the sporty sister for my sporty sister.

  68. aimee p says:

    the bag and sandles

  69. I like the Gathers One-piece swimsuit in black.

  70. Glogirl says:

    I follow La Vie En Rose via Twitter @glogirl3

  71. Tina says:

    I would pick the James Bond Mix-and-match Tankini Top with the James Bond Mix-and-match Boyleg Bikini Bottom.

  72. Tina says:

    I’m following La Vie En Rose on Twitter @tlee351

  73. lisa bolduc says:

    i already follow lavieenrose on twitter @lbolduc0

  74. Sarah says:

    Love the beach essentials to book comparisons! Anyone interested in more book choices, check out my review blog.

  75. Navi Singh says:

    LOVING the Kennedy Plaid Mix-and-match Bandeau Bikini Top!

  76. Brook says:

    My fave is the Kennedy Plaid…perfect for so many places!

  77. Krista says:

    My favourite is the Hot Floral Mix-and-match bandeau in black, which I would pair with black bottoms.

  78. kellyp says:

    I like the tribal mask tankini

  79. Like the poolside kit.Fits with my swimsuit!!!

  80. Jayne Cameron says:

    I like the James bond suit ā€“ it is unique

  81. Renn says:

    I really like the Spiral Croc Bandeau Bikini Top with the matching Sidetie Bikini Bottom.

    Followed La Vie En Rose on Twitter (@soul_tattoo).

  82. aimee p says:

    love their coverups

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