hI’ve wanted to write this post series for awhile, and since it happens to be high season for rain on the coast, here it goes. Over the next however long, you’ll be seeing posts themed to the classic Sound of Music tune My Favourite Things. Although not necessarily the world’s most favourite things (myself included), I thought it would be fun to interpret the lyrics into gift ideas, starting with today’s opening line of Raindrops (…On Roses, naturally, will be next at some point). Although we typically think of Spring as high season for rain, I’ve actually found buckets of it drop in equal measure when you’re in warmer climes, as I am. So without further ado, here are five ‘Raindrop’-inspired ideas.

Rain Cologne Spray – $6 – $39 @ Demeter Fragrance Library
What does rain smell like? Think about it – there is a distinct scent of wet pavement, damp air, and apparently, oils released by plants when the ground is particularly soaked through. That essence is captured like lightning in a bottle with this pick-me-up spray from Demeter Fragrance Library. If you’re parched in the middle of a summer heatwave, or looking to curl up with a good book on a Saturday afternoon, spritz this to relax your mind.

Patent Leather Rain Boots – $23 – $30 each @ YESSTYLE
I will say that I invested in a pair of very cute rain boots to make grey miserable days a little cheerier, but I also happen to live in one of the rainiest parts of Canada. If your precipitation is a little more moderate, save your bucks and opt for something that’ll still put a smile on your face without breaking the bank – like these colourful and cute ankle rain boots. Available in a dozen different styles and shades and three general sizes, these are a great choice for your fashion-forward girlfriend or girl friend. It’s something she probably wouldn’t splash out on for herself, but is totally budget-worthy for birthdays or pick-me-ups.

Raindrops Post Earrings – $16 @ Tiny Galaxies
How’s this for a literal interpretation? Or is it abstract? Either way, these sparkly studs are a fun way to bring in a love for stormy skies. With their simple teardrop shape, you could easily pair them with any ol’ outfit, but they feel particularly poignant when worn during rainy weather. The price makes them a sweet choice for a friend’s birthday or even a stocking stuffer for your teenage daughter.

Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humdity Hair Spray – $22 @ Sephora
If you live on the coast, you’ll totally commiserate with me when it comes to hair maintenance and battling flyaway frizzies. Luckily, this triple duty hair spray is designed to hold your style in place while keeping the frizz away and giving you an overall smooth finish. It’s also insanely eco-friendly – free from tons of nasty ingredients and made with ingredients that are ethically traded and eco-certified. It’s a great choice for your mom’s birthday present, along with a trip to the spa for a hair mask that’ll get her locks in shape during this upcoming rainy season.

Fulton Umbrellas – $25+ @ The Bay
Of course, the ultimate rainy day present is a chic new umbrella that you’ll almost covet popping open on a gloomy day. Fulton makes a great line of high-quality, high-style brollies in huge range of styles and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a stash-in-your-purse mini umbrella like the star-lined or ‘English Rose’ styles above, or you’d like a more classic size or shape, or even a birdcage style clear umbrella, they’ve got you quite literally covered. Be sure to check out their goods in The Bay either online or in-stores. Works well as a choice for a friend visiting (or living in) a rainy climate.

6 Responses to “Raindrops”
  1. leah says:

    I know what you mean….something about raindrops is sooo coool! Love the earrings and the price is great. Also I just watched my cheapie umbrella come apart in the rain/wind and vowed that next time I’ll buy a good quality one. #cgg

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Love love love those umbrellas!! Last week, I found out that my umbrella has a hole in it, so it’s perfect timing! #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    Great ideas! Love the earrings and could definitely use the hairspray! #CGG

  4. char says:

    Love the boots, the raindrops and the umbrellas- all very West (Wet) Coast. #cgg

  5. Kevin B says:

    neat drops! #cgg

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