And Whiskers On Kittens

It’s time for me to pick up where I left off ‘My Favourite Things’  series. So far I’ve done Raindrops On Roses…oh yes, one whole phrase completed with two posts. It’s going to be awhile…anyway naturally today’s gifts are all about felines. Buy a present for your own pet (but don’t hold your breath for a thank you) or gift one to a cat lover in your life. Not a cat fan? Read on…there’s still tie-ins for other animal lovers on your list.

Custom Pet JewelryPersonalized Pet Jewelry – $204 – $229 @ Rock My World
This is one way to show you’re a tried & true friend of felines. If you can tackle kitty long enough to get them to give you a mold of their paw or nose, it can be made into a custom sterling silver pendant that’s just as unique and quirky as your pet. It’s the type of statement piece that’ll have people going…what is that? Oh and shipping is a totally reasonable $7.95. And if you don’t have a cat, there’s also a ton of puppy-friendly options as well.

Acacia Cat TreeAcacia Cat Tree – $275+ @ Square Cat Habitat
The conceit of this store is pretty cool – modern furniture that won’t stand out like a knitted tea cozy in your slick pad, but is also super appealing to kitty friends too. This three-tier cat tree can be configured in different finishes, all of which include inserts where you can hide or rub catnip to make the tree extra fun to play or chill on. Plus, the inserts work as scratching posts as well, to keep your actual modern furniture free from claws.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting TO Kill YouHow to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by The Oatmeal – $8.49 @
This is a gift I’ve actually both received and gifted to someone – so it had to be on this list. Matthew Inman’s hilarious site The Oatmeal often pinions cats as both dour masterminds and irrational killers. This book gathers all of his kitty tales in one place (including the full ‘The Bobcats’ series) plus gathers up a bunch of new and hilarious insights into the minds of our favourite furballs. A must-have that will have any cat owner cackling on the spot.

Mungo and Maud Stitch Cat Bowls

Stitch Bird & Fish Cat Bowls – $59 each @ Mungo & Maud
This UK-based outfit has expanded their reach overseas so posh pets (dogs and cats) seeking the creme de la creme of gear can stock up. There are a million and one nice things to say about their lines, but I’ll simply highlight these sweet pastel ceramic dishes. For those not in the know, plastic dishes are harmful to your furry friend – they can cause cat acne, and often aren’t BPA free. Go ceramic (or metal) or go home.

Cat Scratch DJCat Scratch DJ – $34.99 @ ThinkGeek
All I can think of when I look at this is the hilarious Portlandia sketch featuring a song with lyrics that basically go ‘Cat scratch fever & a whisker patrol…’ Anyway. If you like the visual pun of seeing a cat doing something totally ridiculous, you must buy this absolutely hilarious cardboard DJ table that gives new meaning to the idea of ‘scratching’.

Alrighty. Looking for another bonus entry into this month’s Rodial draw? Just tell me which of these five feline picks you’d most like to buy or own in the comments below!

26 Responses to “And Whiskers On Kittens”
  1. Joan G says:

    The Acacai Cat Tree looks like something my cat would treasure.

  2. I like the Acacai Cat Tree the most out of all of them.

  3. Juliee F says:

    Our cats would love the Acacia Cat Tree

  4. leah says:

    The personalized pet jewellery is a must for any discerning feline!

  5. Jennifer R says:

    I like the cat bowls!

  6. Acacia Cat Tree – $275+ @ Square Cat Habitat
    It is so adorable.

  7. janicour says:

    Cat scratch DJ is adorable…definitely would buy.

  8. Danielle says:

    Bonus Entry – I would have loved to get the jewellery before my cat passed away a few weeks ago.

  9. Alison Braidwood says:

    I’d pick the Square cat habitat. Although I did snort coffee out my nose after going through to The Oatmeal’s website. Have bookmarked that one.

  10. Julie G. says:

    I’m most likely to pick the Stitch Cat Bowl. It’s funny that I read this post today, since my daughter’s cat was just diagnosed with cat acne at the vet’s yesterday – she needs to switch to a ceramic cat food bowl.

  11. Angela G says:

    The cat scratch dj is hilarious. Definitely my pic.

  12. Erika E says:

    I’d like the cat scratch DJ. That would be so funny to watch them play with.

  13. sarah perry says:

    If I have the extra money one day I will definitely be trying the personalized pet jewelry. Maybe I classify as a crazy cat lady, but I think the nose imprint is so adorable. 🙂

  14. Dreena says:

    I like the cat bowls – colours are nice.
    These ideas are great. Cat lover here!

  15. Rose says:

    I like the lovely cat bowls.

  16. Jenny says:

    I think the Acacia Cat Tree is awesome. I love buying things that my pets can play with/enjoy! Plus, it will also match my decor – a bonus!

  17. linnett says:

    the cat bowls are cute, thanks

  18. Susan says:

    If I had the funds, I’d get the Acacia Cat Tree.

  19. I like the Cat Scratch DJ – very Interesting. 🙂

  20. Victoria Ess says:

    I’ve heard so much about How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by The Oatmeal and would love to read it!

  21. Elaan says:

    The Cat Scratch DJ!

  22. Donnas says:

    I love the Cat Scratch DJ. It’s so cute.

  23. Alison K says:

    Find Of The Month: Rodial bonus entry #2: I’d most like to buy for my feline friends the “Acacia Cat Tree – $275+ @ Square Cat Habitat”. Very nice & modern. Thank you.

  24. Tania B says:

    I love the idea of the personalized pet jewelry. That would be fabulous with my furball’s little noseprint on it!

  25. Holly Sproule says:

    I bought How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you for your sister for xmas! hah its so funny!

  26. jcmoffatt says:

    I like the Acacai Cat Tree most of all.

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